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  1. *Update:* I have succeeded in running ADCIRC in parallel mode from the command line, without SMS, although I still get errors when I try to do it in SMS by setting the number of processors to be greater than 1 in the ADCIRC model control window. I'm not sure if that's something other people are able to do or not.
  2. I am resurrecting this 2009 thread to ask about parallel ADCIRC, which is now distributed with SMS. (I am using 11.1 64-bit.) I have run ADCIRC successfully with one processor, I have multiple cores available to me. When I set the number of processors to 6 as a test and ran the model, I got an error from AdcPrep Init: ***************************************** ADCPREP Fortran90 Version 2.3 10/18/2006 Serial version of ADCIRC Pre-processor ***************************************** ...<description of parameters here> ------------------------------------------------------- calling: prepinput use_default = F partition = T prep_all = F prep_15 = F prep_13 = F hot_local = F hot_global = F Enter the name of the ADCIRC UNIT 14 (Grid) file: Enter the name of the ADCIRC UNIT 14 (Grid) file: forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit -4, file CONIN$ Image PC Routine Line Source adcprep.exe 0053D310 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 004FF7BF Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 004EADA7 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 004EA0EA Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 004CFD06 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 00443D48 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 0044E61E Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 0044E0C7 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 0054CB73 Unknown Unknown Unknown adcprep.exe 00527489 Unknown Unknown Unknown kernel32.dll 762C33AA Unknown Unknown Unknown ntdll.dll 77099F72 Unknown Unknown Unknown ntdll.dll 77099F45 Unknown Unknown Unknown PROCESS FINISHED Do you know what these errors mean and what I need to do to run ADCIRC in parallel? I checked my SMS installation directory, and it includes, in the ADCIRC folder, 32- and 64-bit copies of ADCIRC.exe, ADCPREP.exe, and PADCIRC.exe, so I know they're there. Thanks. Ryan
  3. Ok, thanks. I hadn't explored the "Open As..." options.
  4. Hi, I have a GeoTiff topography dataset as well as sounding (points) data for bathymetry, and I would like to make one composite topobathymetric scatter set that I could then use for mesh generation. I know this is something I may have to do in a GIS, but is there a way to do it in SMS? The points are saved as a point shapefile. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Hi, I'm in the process of doing one of the ADCIRC simple test cases (this one http://adcirc.org/ho...orcing-example/ ). Output for this example is given at three observation stations with specified coordinates, so I would like to make those via SMS. I see an option in the ADCIRC menu to "Create Observation Stations," but it is grayed out. Is there a way to create these stations in SMS? Otherwise I will try to do it by just altering the fort.15 file. Also, is it possible to read in and display output from the observation stations? Thanks, Ryan
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