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    Recharge MT3D

    I'm using the areally distributed sources/sinks function in MT3D to apply a contaminant. From what I see it is only applying it to layer 1 and not at the highest active cell. Does anyone know a way to apply it to highest active cell? Cheers
  2. Thanks, I knew there had to be an easy solution.
  3. When I go into the coverage setup leachate isn't an option to toggle... what do I need to do to activate this option?
  4. Thanks, I knew there had to be a simple solution
  5. I have entered Observation Points through the map data function. Orginally the model would compute the heads at the observation points and allow me to compare them to the observed heads along with colouring the bar green, yellow or red (as it is suppose to be doing!). However, as I've gone through the process which includes addind some model layers I have lost this ability. The model is no longer computing heads for the observation points. I can't figure out what I've changed to cause this. Anyone know how to get the model to start computing the heads at the observation points? Cheers
  6. Oh yes, I had that happen with RT3D when I used it a couple of years ago (also not associated with GMS). In the end I think I "faked" the boundary by setting it to zero and making the domain extra long as I was just doing a 1D column (fracture flow). My frustration with this issue is that I *know* RT3D can turn off a source, I've done it before! I just don't know why GMS is not letting me do it!!
  7. Hi, I am developing a model of a PCE/TCE source site in GMS 6.0. In the SSM package of RT3D I have set the concentration of the source as a specified concentration (speconc) for PCE and TCE. For DCE, VC, ETH, and CL I have set the concentrations as -1 as outlined in the RT3D Manual. I would like to turn the source off after 2 years and this is where I'm having the problem. I have tried setting the specconc for the stress periods after two years as various negative values (-1,-2, -999 ect). My understanding is that by setting the concentrations as a negative value, RT3D uses this as a flag to skip assigning the constant-concentration condition. However, this isn't making the source turn off as the mass of PCE in the system continues to steadily increase. The results indicate the source for PCE/TCE is staying constant for the entire simulation. Short of setting a concentration for PCE and TCE of 0mg/L (which would be incorrect), does anyone know how to turn a source off? Thanks, Key
  8. Hi, I too am trying to calibrate a transient model, have read the suggested tutorial but still have a question. When using computed versus observed data plot it only seems to plot the very first observed data point for each location, irrespective of the time (some are more then 30 stress periods apart). Is there a way to plot the computed versus observed for a particular stress period? If not is there a way to plot more then just the first observed data point for a location? Thanks
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