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  1. Is it possible for you to updated the LTEA Glacier Bay Alaska example on xmswiki.com (LTEA GLACIER BAY)) to be a little bit more descriptive as to the processes that you undertook to generate the grids. I'm having a bit of trouble following your methodology. Thanks
  2. Thanks for addressing this issue in the latest release.
  3. Ok, I have co-ordinates in northing and eastings UTM Southern Hemisphere zone 50E and i want to convert them to WGS84 lat long. I can read them in fine but there is no way of defining the fact that they are in the Souther Hemisphere as opposed to the Northern Hemisphere any more (SMS10).... Am i missing something obvious, or has everyone in the northern hemisphere gone into denial about the existence of the Southern Hemisphere, or potentially worse... are the developers of SMS only interested in plying their product to those in the northern hemisphere.....? Brett
  4. While SMS does not support ADCIRC 3D the version of ADCIRC released with SMS 9.2 can be used in to simulate a 3D baroclinic model run, you just need to edit the command file accordingly (which is not straight forward). I suggest you have a look at the ADCIRC development page (http://www.adcirc.org) and specifically at the manual and examples (there is a 3D baroclinic example). In terms of 3D modelling however, don't expect much support from the developers, and non from the SMS support as they only support the 2D version. You will also have to write your own visualization software (suggest Matlab) to view the model solution in 3D. Another alternative is to try the hydrodynamic model SELFE (free to download the code... you just need to compile), which uses a near identical grid structure to ADCIRC (only boundary header lines are different) and is fast and efficient to run.
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