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  1. Hi john thank you for your reply: i used UTM coordinates. I think something happened in the conversion. P.S: where can i download the new PTM exe?
  2. hi, i got instantaneous source not in domain error in my PTM simulation. I checked the coordinates of the source and they are in the domain. I've not understood what is the reason of that problem. In other simulations (with different hydrodinamic solutions) this error does not appear. Is this related to the conversion of the solution of ADCIRC from geo to UTM?
  3. Thank you John It is what I've done. The problem was that I did not find any document in which was specified that. The version of the program is 9.2.
  4. Ok, I think I've resolved by modifing the file *pcf and adding the line with a *neighbors file name. Then running the program it has created that file. By the way I've not understood why the program has not automatically created the file. Could it be a bug?
  5. Hi, I'm using PTM module to simulate a sediment spill with a source point; according to what I read in "ERDC TN-DOER-D6 July 2005" I've set the parametres but when I try to start the simulation I obtain ad error message concerning the missing of the neighbor file. I've tried to browse but I've not such type of file. Must I build this file? In which way? Thanks.
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