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  1. thank you anyways but wms is a little above my budget
  2. I'm just using Hec-Hms 3.2 and nothing else. one basin modell with up to 6 subbasins (transform method: kinematic wave) one met modell with prec. and evapo (specif. hyetograph and monthly average) one control (25 years) and prec. gages (as many as subbasins)
  3. I'm using HEC-HMS 3.2 and want to calculate a prec.-runoff model. I'm using the Kinematic Wave methode for the subbasin runoff. After I type the Loss parameters for plane 1 and 2 and press SAVE, everything is saved. But as soon as I close the file and open it again the values for canopy storage (MM) and canopy (%) are missing for Loss 2. I checked the files with a text editor and the information is present. Further, I started a new model from scratch and the same things happen. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
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