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  1. Jose, The CHETN you are referencing may be a little out of date, if you are using SMS 10.1 for your project. We have converted this technical note over to our Wiki site and have updated it a little to reference SMS 10.1. I also added a little more information about selecting the appropriate coverage, about how to set the resolution for the refine points and generating a grid from the pull-down menus. You can read the updated CHETN at the following location: http://cirp.usace.ar...iki/CHETN-IV-69 I hope this helps. If you have any other questions about this, just email and I will help you as I can, or we can discuss at the workshop in a couple weeks. Mitch
  2. You can use ADCIRC solution information to provide boundary condition forcing for CMS-Flow (M2D). Some limited assistance can be found at http://xmswiki.com/xms/SMS:CMS-Flow_Graphical_Interface. The boundary condition option desired is either "WSE-Forcing" or "WSE and Velocity-forcing". From there you would choose to "Extract (from a Regional Model)". Make sure your ADCIRC grid and solution are loaded and in the same coordinate system as your CMS-Flow (M2D) model. Once the information has been extracted and applied to the CMS-Flow boundary condition cellstrings, you should continue to set up any additional forcing and the simulation parameters. At this time you cannot use ADCIRC simulation information to actually create an initial condition (.m2i or .h5), but I think using the ADCIRC solution as forcing for the smaller domain is the way to go.
  3. With CMS-Flow, the solution file is the <name>_sol.h5 file. It should be loaded automatically when you load the *.cmcards file after the run has completed. We will be updating the CMS-Flow and CMS-Wave tutorials soon. Hope this helps, somewhat, Mitch
  4. This appears to be some debugging information when the model goes unstable, probably due to courant issues. The variables are as follows: i = active cell number eta, etan = water surface elevation for times n-1 and n. depth = initial depth, totdep = initial depth + etan u,v = current velocity components Lowering your timestep, should help with this problem. I believe I have your problem solved after finding two misstypes. Very surprising this hasn't surfaced before now. SMS states that your case will take approximately 3.25 hrs to complete; however, if your problem still exists, it will become apparent within 1.5 hours from now.
  5. Todd, I believe this was a bug in CMS-Flow. If I am correct, you have two Extracted WL Boundary conditions. This has been corrected and I will send you a link (by email) to where you can get a more recent executable. If this helps, please let me know. If I am incorrect, please let me know and I will contact you to get more information.
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