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  1. Hello Chris; Many thanks for your helpful reply. The procedure works, just as you clarified it : I checked it on a simple sample case. Quite a number of problems with the main digitized CAD file was detected which could not be easily rectified in WMS and thus it was sent back for correction. I'd ask for more help if anything unusual pops out. Thanks & Regards, Bozorg
  2. Hi Clark; Thanks for your attention. The dwg file passed to me was created using AutoCAD_2004. It's simply read into the WMS but I don't know how to force WMS to accept it as the subbasins boudaries on my coarse DEM (90m DEM,SRTM). Bozorg
  3. Hello I have a digitized sub-watershed boundaries layer that I'd like to import & use in WMS. How WMS may be forced to use it in lieu of its own watershed delineation routine. I'm using WMS_7.1. Thank you. Bozorg
  4. Hello Chris ; Thanks a lot, for your clarifing note. MBz.
  5. Hello ; I'd appreciate it if some one could clarify the followings: 1-what is the 'AdjSlope' & how it is calculated in WMS. 2-Every now & then, I get a 'Sinuosity Factor' smaller than ONE for some subbasins, when deploying SRTM_v3(2006),90-m DEM. Could that be due to the scale of the DEM? 3-What's a basin shape factor ,'Shapefact' ; is it the same as the so-called 'Compactness/Gravillious Coeff.' ? Thanks in advance for your time. MBz.
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