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  1. *Oh no I didn't realize that this thread had been posted years ago...
  2. maybe you might should check the Date & Time & number format in your computer? It should be in English (US) format..
  3. ida

    Hi Mayank, u're wellcome.. :)

  4. is looking for a master degree scholarship... ;) Keep Fight..!!!

  5. Mayank

    Hi Ida, Thanks for helping me out.

  6. ida

    GIS and GSSHA

    Hi all, Some friends of mine want to join this forum. But, after they registered and validated their account and email address, they still unable to post for new topic. May we have the information about the requirement for members to post for new topic? I have a question about GIS mapping to feature object. When working with GSSHA and mapping the Land use and soil type, an error occurred as shown in the attachment. we haven't got any idea about the outside and inside polygon. Is there any idea where does this error come from? Would you mind to give us any information about which one is the ou
  7. ida

    Upgrade WMS 8.2

    Hi all, Currently i have WMS 8.1. I want to upgrade it to WMS 8.2. I have downloaded the the full software. I tried to installed it, but how would i make the version 8.2 works? Thank you very much
  8. ough, i do really sorry to missed it. would you mind to share the material for that seminar? I've just read the topic by now. So sad.. anyway, when will the next webseminar held? thank you
  9. Hi, nice to meet you.

  10. Hi all, just little questions today. 1. is there any possibility to run WMS v.7.0 in Vista OS completely? i am just curious about it. and, what about the new one? 2. if i am about to update/upgrade my software to the latest version, can i have my previous version back later when i get any difficulties with the new one? Thank you very much for any hint
  11. Dear Sheraz, perhaps you can create the stream arc first, and then save the feature arc as a shape file. to create the stream arc, we can use DEM module, create some outlet points, and convert DEM to stream arc. otherwise, you can also create the basin and save the result (feature arc in shapefile). i hope that helps any comment? *i'm not the specialist, i'm just a user, trying to get along with this software more and more, so let's share*
  12. Dear all, I am using WMS v.8. I am simulating several watersheds (two major streams). but, as i dont have enough DEM data, i have to edit several watershed. So i go to Map Module, and edit the feature object. but, seems like it takes forever to edit one arc or two. is there any tips / trick to speed up the editing process? thank you very much.
  13. ida

    Copy to clip board

    Thank you Todd, yes i have. i allways using the *print screen* in the earlier version of WMS. since WMS v.8 has the ability of multiplying the copied image, i hope a lot from it. yea, thats not really glamorous. yea, need an extra to producing Map from WMS result. Regards, ida
  14. Hi,


    nice to meet you..and thank for the add

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