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    1. Which modules do we need for preprocessing CE-QUAL-W2 data with WMS?¿ 2. WMS 8.3 works correctly with Windows 7? Thanks!
  2. It has a lot of errors while trying to obtain the bathymetry file for CE-QUAL-W2.... by the moment I'm only using it for calculate the lenght, orientation and widths of segments and layers... because if I try to do another thing the screen freezes and I have to restart the program.... then... I've decided to do only this... and I am updating the control file manually... but now I've found another error... and this is very worrying.... the linkage of the different segments generated and sketched by me is not linear... .... and I have to generate less than 30 segments because if I do more than 30 the program fails. now I've obtained a bathymetry that does not match with the original TIN..... the numbering of segments has not arranged the segments according to the flow or the generation sequence (that in my case us the same).... and furthermore; I can't confirm if the final result is correct.... Are the new updates correct or not yet? because If I bought this product for making the pre-process ...and it dos not work haw can I do? I don't trust in you by the moment.... and I don't want to spend more money and time with a program with a lot of bugs! MArina
  3. Well, At least I've solved the problems with the control and bathymetry file, but by now I reccomend to take a good sheet of those files (for example from an example of CE-QUAL-W2 files) and then modify and copy/paste the data obtained in WMS. Specially the bathymetry, the lenghts and the angles. Doing this it would be easily. best wishes marina
  4. Hi Chris, well, I think that I've solved most of all of the problems with te control file (running the preprocessor I've changed some of the parameters, titles and values), but now, the main problem is that the layer heights in the bathymetry file are always 0.00 rather than the true layer height. What can I do? thanks Marina
  5. I'm trying to do that, but I thought it would be easier.
  6. Hi! I was working with the example of the Users manual and i found some of those problems, looking for solutions I found this forum and you post really surprised me! We bought the program on May, and we thought that it was tested and working well with the CE-QUAL-W2 module, and now I've found this message... We are from Barcelona - Spain (UPC) and we want to study a cas of a reservoir. With WMS we only wanted to generate the control and Bathymetry files with an existing TIN, and now we found that it's not running as it had to do. I wanted to know when will you have the solutions for those bugs, because we are really waiting for that. Thanks Marina
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