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  1. I'll add that I just downloaded SMS 10.1 beta, and the program crashes when trying to run a steering simulation.
  2. I am attempting to run the steering module with ADCIRC and CMS-WAVE. I have the wave spectra set up as a time series corresponding to the time interval for coupling and the overall length matching the ADCIRC simulation length. However, at the first ADCIRC run, get an end-of-file error for unit 23 (the radiation stress input file). The end of this file is as follows: # The extra 2 lines so ADCIRC doesn't crash 1 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 0.00000e+00 # EOF So it says it's adding 2 lines so ADCIRC doesn't crash, but it appears that only one li
  3. I am putting together an ADCIRC model for Delaware Bay and have run into a significant snag. The model is forced with an ocean tidal boundary, a WSE at the C&D Canal, and three upstream inflows. The problem is that the tidal elevation signal attenuates rapidly up the bay, when in reality the signal should be amplified due to the estuary geometry. The tide amplitude at Philadelphia should be larger than at the bay mouth, but this is not happening. I've lowered the friction and wave continuity coefficients significantly, and this helps slightly, but the pattern remains that upstream tide
  4. The end of boundary error is gone; thanks for the assistance. Now I'm just working on stability issues. I'm just glad the bug is fixed; thanks again!
  5. I also commonly get an error along the lines of ** i = 3 eta = 2.637116400357236E+017 etan = 1.758077600238157E+017 ** depth = -1.71200000000000 totdep(i) = 1.758077600238157E+017 ** u = 0.000000000000000E+000 v = 0.000000000000000E+000 I'd love to know what this is telling me, so I could better troubleshoot the problem.
  6. The model crashed at the exact same time with the same error. I am using a single extracted WL BC (one cellstring, 3 sides of the domain). Is there anything else you can think of?
  7. Thanks; I've replaced the executable and am running a new simulation. I will let you know how it works out.
  8. Update: I created a 192hr simulation, and I get the same error at 96 hours. It seems to be doing this at the halfway point of any given simulation.
  9. I am attempting to run a model in CMS-Flow using a WSE-Tidal constituent boundary condition. The simulation is to run for 96 hours, and the boundary condition data is extracted for the same time period (there is no option to alter duration when extracting the tidal bc). However, the simulation ends after 48 hours, with the message: READ PAST END OF MULTIPLE WATER-LEVEL DATA FORCING FILE DATASET IS: PROPERTIES/Model Params/Boundary_#5 I fail to see what the problem is, as the simulation and bc durations are identical. Has anyone else run into this problem? --Todd
  10. I am attempting to make a GENESIS model run (using STWAVE as the wave model), and I have used the tutorial as a guide in setting it up. I have several issues. 1. Even after saving, if I close SMS and reopen the project, the 1D grid is gone. 2. When I attempt to 'Save GENESIS', it asks me to 'please choose the height function'. If I cancel, it appears to save. If I accept anything, SMS crashes. What is SMS asking for? 3. When I try to run GENESIS, it tells me 'Configuration file not targeted for GENESIS' and stops running. I think these may all be related to saving the project proper
  11. The grid has 378216 cells (287802 ocean cells). My computer has 3GB of RAM.
  12. I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose a CMS-FLOW (M2D) crash. I'm trying to run a simulation with a single offshore WSE boundary condition, and CMS-FLOW almost immediately crashes: ******************************************************* U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Inlets Research Program Two-Dimensional Circulation & Morphology Change Model CMS-FLOW TEST VERSION 3.50.08 RELEASE Last updated - 12/19/2007 ******************************************************* **************************
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