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  1. Hi Jonas, Try defining the stress periods by using excel and then copy/paste. This is how I always do it. Maybe it helps you.
  2. Thank you Bill, great information! I will try it...
  3. Hello everybody, I’ve started a transient ppest run with 9 slaves (9 slaves = 9 ccf-files = ~ 180GB + heads + drawd). Too much for my c-drive... In the *.rmf file – written after the model execution – the default paths are stored. ////////////////// prf 9 0 0.001 1 'slave0' .\ 'slave1' C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\GMS_8104\ppest\slave1 'slave2' C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\GMS_8104\ppest\slave2 ////////////////// When I manually create the file and copy into the folder, it will be overwritten. How can I change the default paths (before I run the model) in GMS? Dirk
  4. You can select the cell that contain the wells and choose “Sources/Sinks” (right click cell, context menu). Here you can see the different wells. So you can run them individually. Conceptual model: Well coverage with explicit well-names and import the pumping data via txt or csv…
  5. Dirk Herding


    I'm not sure. The *.os file is probably 0kb. Maybe the model crashes when PEST adjusts the parameters within the specified range. For example, a higher conductivity and the drying of cells....GMG solver: Assembly error in subroutine....
  6. Hi, I have two really simple questions – or not: A: I want to change the font size of the material-legend??? B: I want to export the position/course (plan view) of the cross sections as Shape. Do I need to create a new coverage and then digitize…. Dirk
  7. Sorry, I probably nerve! MODFLOW-NWT-SWR1 Version 1.0.8 09/01/2013 Based on MODFLOW Version 1.11.0 08/08/2013 SWR1 Version 1.03.0 08/30/2013 "STORAGECOEFFICENT" instead of 0 in Dataset 1 (*.upw) works? "...putting the storage coefficient into the dialog instead of specific storage..." This "dialog" is not clear to me?
  8. Hi Alan, Thanks for the response. "So try putting the storage coefficient into the dialog instead of specific storage and manually edit the UPW file with STORAGECOEFFICENT and then run NWT." What do you mean / which dialog? I found this: "Additionally, optional interpretations of the groundwater storage input variable are not supported by the UPW Package. Consequently, the LPF Package input variable “OPTIONS” is not supported by the UPW Package." (Niswonger et al. 2011) Dataset1 LPF: 740 -888.0 0 STORAGECOEFFICIENT Dataset 1 UPW: 740 -888.0 0 0 (original) -> 740 -888.0 0 STORAGECOEFFICIENT FILE UNIT 704 : ERROR CONVERTING "STORAGECOEFFICIENT" TO AN INTEGER IN LINE: 40 -888.0 0 STORAGECOEFFICIENT The name file below.... The only chance for setting STORAGECOEFFICIENT is the UPW? Therefore I do not understand what you mean with the dialog... # MF2K NAME file # REFTIME s 1 1960 1 1 0 0 0 # # MODFLOW NWT # Output Files LIST 702 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.out" DATA(BINARY) 730 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.hed" DATA(BINARY) 735 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.drw" DATA(BINARY) 740 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.ccf" LMT6 718 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.lmt" # # Obs-Sen-Pes Process Input Files HOB 751 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.hob" CHOB 755 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.chob" # # Obs Process Output File(s) DATA 775 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt._os" ASP 771 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.asp" # # Global Input Files DIS 719 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.dis" # # Flow Process Input Files BAS6 703 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.ba6" UPW 704 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.upw" OC 715 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.oc" RCH 716 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.rch" WEL 709 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.wel" ETS 765 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.ets" CHD 713 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.chd" NWT 714 "TransientModel_devUpSys_OwAll_nwt.nwt"
  9. Are you sure Alan? I cannot find the option that activates the STORAGECOEFFICENT option in the UPW package. Do you mean the Dataset 1 in the *.upw-File or is it more complex? Even in the other Datasets, I cannot find an evidence, that the UPW package includes the STORAGECOEFFICENT option.
  10. To my knowledge, not every solver is appropriate – try the PCGN or the SAMG / LMG.
  11. Hi, I have storage coefficient (S) instead of specific storage (Ss)…In the LPF Package dialog I can use the STORAGECOEFFICIENT option – really easy. So, now I want to use Newton (NWT) and Upstream Weighting (UPW) and there is no STORAGECOEFFICIENT option. I calculated the layer thickness (layers are convertible) and multiplied it with the storage coefficient. This is really tedious and error-prone. Is there an easier way?
  12. I tried to convert layer contours (calculated heads, transient sim) into arcs to generate shapes (GMS9.2.3). Can anyone tell me what the error message “No linear contours exist. Aborting.” means. I did not have this problem in the past. When I am using GMS8.3 it works. Are there any special settings in GMS9 – in the Display Options dialog the “Layer Contours” option is grey. The contour method is linear and the data set is activated. Regards
  13. Hila, Create a tin around the drain arc. Interpolate the desired elevation data to the tin. You can select the tin elevation as drain bottom elevation in the attribute table of the drain coverage. Redistribute Vertices (right click polygon arc) before creating the tin.
  14. Alan, It was primarily a warning for other users. I imported the files and built up the model structure again (gms8.3). Ok, it took some time, but not dramatically. Maybe, the attached picture of the error messages can help you – I am searching for the “problem-gwm”… xmdf_errors.pdf
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