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  1. I just want to know whether the FATE model used in SMS is the StFate in the ADDAMS? thanks.
  2. Does the Fate model have a user manual? In the software document i can find nothing about Fate Model.
  3. When finish installing ,then run the SMS 10.1,an error happen "Runtime Error!" "Program ...\sms101.exe" "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" How to solve?
  4. When finish installing ,then run the SMS 10.1,an error happen "Runtime Error!" "Program ...\sms101.exe" "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" How to solve?
  5. But if make these elevation to represent structure, the steep slope will exceed the max recommended slope value, the computation then will be unstable, what should I do for that ?
  6. And I have another question about current inBouss2D. If I want to compute the wave propagation in steady current velocity, how to set the current in SMS? I saw a drop-down menu"Current", but there is only "None" in this menu.
  7. I do a simple case and set the land cell as you say. Yes, this can simulate a vertical wall in water, Thanks! And I have another question that, if simulate a steep slope structure, e.g. a rubble mound breakwater, then how should I do? should I make a steep slope change in elevation in the structure area, or I should only set land cell for crest of breakwater and then set a damping layer around it? Regards!
  8. Sorry, I miswrite.I set land value 2.0, and water value -9.0m. Yes, if compute runup, I must make a mild slope in the area, but now I don't make the runup option on,I just want to simulate wall reflection. And clearly, the wall must be land value, and be surrounded by water. So it seems that this warning is inevitable in wall simulation,right? Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I set the vertical wall land value for 2.0m, and water depth all arround is 9.0m. When run this simulation , the SMS then warning that " slope exceeds max recommended value of 0.5 at I=..,J-.." BUt there is no slope in this case now, why? And dose this effect the simulation stability? Regards!
  10. Thanks for your reply! But I want to use Bouss2D, not CGWAVE, so could you answer my question as in Bouss2D model? Wish for that.
  11. cause the wall is vertical, so the elevation is suddenly from -10m to 2m across one grid, so the computation is interrupt in the wall area. How to deal with thia case? Thanks!
  12. In Bouss2D, If simulate wave passing a wall which is 150m long and 20m wide, then how to simulate the reflective wave by the wall? I set a porosity layer around the wall, the layer width is 4m,and the value is 0(full reflect). But the computation is interrupt at the beginning of the simulation. So My quesion is how to set the boundary condition to simulate the reflect of wall? How to determine the coefficient(width, value, etc,.) Plz tell my as soon as possible. Thanks!
  13. But there is no information about how does the Hm0 be computated? Hm0 is the Square root of m0 multiplied by 4? Regards !
  14. Add another question: the input wave condition of STWAVE: in tool bar "Spectral Energy" select creat grid and then Generate Spectra,then in the "Spectral parameters" we must write in "index","Angle","Hs","Tp"..., and my question is What does Hs Mean? It means "Significant Wave Height"? Thanks again!
  15. In STWAVE's document it said that the result of STWAVE is "Zero-moment wave height",Hm0,I want to know that what does the "Zero-moment wave height " mean? Hm0=SQRT(m0) or Hm0=SQRT(2*Pi*m0) ? Thanks!
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