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  1. Ok, yeah not the answer that I was hoping for but I will survive, thank you Chris.
  2. Another TR-55 question, I am wondering if there is a way to enter a custom Rainfall Distribution. What I would like to do is use an updated distribution CA-1 (to replace the 1A distribution)which was developed to better represent the climate in Coastal Northern California. I have the data in tabular format. Thanks, Sherwood
  3. Hello- I am wondering why hydrographs calculated using TR-55 return only 22 hours (1320 minutes) of flow data when we are evaluating a 24 hour rainstorm event. Why are the last two hours omitted? Thanks, Sherwood
  4. Thanks Eric, the figure is very helpful for understanding the different options.
  5. Hello- I am using the detention basin calculator to evaluate the effects of small detention ponds to help reduce increases in peak flows. I am hoping to understand the difference between the Circular Riser and Standpipe options in the "Define outflow Discharges" dialog. It seems to me that a circular riser is the same as a circular standpipe, Is this correct? Could someone point me to a reference or explain the difference between the two? Thanks Mike
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