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  1. Chris, And now I feel like an idiot. Just realized the .hmt file was not over the same time period as the precip file and model run. Pretty sure this was the problem. Thanks for the help, Jeff
  2. Hey Chris, So I took a look at the .sum file and that has also stopped in the middle of writing a line of text. Any thoughts? Thanks, Jeff
  3. I'm running a long-term GSSHA model and the window where it tracks the timesteps stops in the middle of writing a line. Sometimes it will still complete the model run and everything is fine. Sometimes it just stops there, it doesn't terminate with an error but it doesn't ever finish the run either. Is there a reason this might be happening? Is there a way to see if the run is still actually running and it's just not displaying in the window correctly or if it has stalled for some reason.
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