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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for you reply. I recently got a reply from Chuck Downer. he sent me a cmt file. The cmt file produced by WMS 8.1 lack some parameters for soil erosion, TC_COEFF and TC_INDEX i think. I edited my cmt file and now GSSHA sediment is working. Also, even if I select sediment flux and sediment deposition to be two of the grid outputs, WMS wont give extension filenames for these. Even if I manually specified, the saved prj file does not contain any card for these desired outputs. When I open the saved GSSHA prj file, the check box for the sediments becomes unchecked. I contacted Aquaveo's tech support weeks before but got a reply that technical support is no longer available for GSSHA. Best regards, Ariel
  2. Dear all, Anyone who has tried GSSHA for sediment discharge modeling? I specified all the required parameters but I always get the following error: Error: Attempting to allocate array of size 0 Error allocating memory for variable ch_wash_vol Hope someone can help me. Im using GSSHA version 3.0a through WMS 8.0 Best regards, Ariel
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