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  1. In my previous email, I should have used the term "flow direction generator" in place of "flow direction editor" tool under the Arc Hydro GW toolbar. Thank you.
  2. Can you save the results from using the flow direction editor as a shapefile or layer?
  3. GMS 6.x has a feature to allow a simulation to proceed even if MODFLOW does not converge. How does GMS continue the simulation when non-convergence is encoutered at early time steps? Does GMS simply continue the simulation by discarding or modifying simulation data at the moment when non-convergence is first encountered? Thank you. Kevin
  4. Greetings Alan: As an example, in a multi-layer model, streams are located in Layers 2 or 4 (this assumes that overlying layers such as layer 1 are not present or are inactive where the streams are located). Further flooding of some model cells frequently occurred at the top active layer where flooding was not thought to physically occur. To remedy this, the top of layer 1 was set to 10,000 ft above mean sea level (msl). The physical reality indicates that the top of the land surface is about + 4500 ft msl Would GMS use this layer 1 land surface elevation rather than values entered into the STR1 package to derive stream stage or stream conductance? Thank you. Kevin
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