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  1. I have a problem when I tried to add a bridge in WMS (cross section) and import to HEC-RAS. I know how to add bridge in Hec-Ras, but I prefer to do it with WMS, and export all geometry. Do you have any explanation or tutorial for this case. I mean how to add bridge or culvert in WMS. I checked the WMS documents but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks.
  2. Hi! My name is Nicolas and now I have problems with CMS-WAVE for generate the nesting file for the second grid. Also I can't open the result wave file into the grid with all the cases, I have only the possibility of see two cases. I don't know if this is a problenm with version of sms 9.2 or if I do some configuration mistake. Usually I use the stwave model. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I´ll want extract a river profile and export that to distance/elevation file (.txt,.xls,...or similar) Is it possible to do this directly with WMS? Thanks
  4. Hi Clark. We are trying to model some basins with ModClark method and we are having big troubles. The first step we want to solve is the comparation between Clark and ModClark method. We are trying to simulate the same basin with the same conditions (CN constant, same rainfall gages and depths...) and we are not able to obtain similar results with both methods. Some questions about it: 1. We leave Impervious (%) =0 in the lumped model. Is it right? 2. We use routing method (Musking Kunge) with the lumped method. Do we have to use a routing method with the quasidistributed model or is it not neccesary? 3. Is possible used the quasidistributed model with subbassins? Can you give us an example or tutorial where both methods are compared? Thank you very much. Rita
  5. Hello. It is possible to create a distributed rainfall depth coverage to assign the rainfall depth to a grid in ModClark simulations? How can I manage to create it? We are using WMS 8.1. Thanks Rita
  6. Hello Clark All was good!! One thing more...when I use the gridded rainfall in ModClark...the time interval is 1 hour...if I want use, for example, 15 minutes ..this is possible? And is possible use gridded rainfall in UTM coordinates? Thanks again
  7. Rita

    Curve number

    Thanks!!! All is right!! Rita
  8. Thanks Clark! Can you give me the data to try with the tutorial of WMS 8.1? I have the data of tutorial WMS 8.0...but I have the same problem... I try with my data with WMS 8.1 and I have the same problem... Other cuestion is possible use rainfall gridded or only can use xy series data to introduce the rain to ModClark? Bye Rita
  9. Ok Clark thanks again!!
  10. WMS 8.1 and WMS 8.0...
  11. Hello! I´m trying to made a tutorial of HMS MOD Clark ...I want learn how to use WMS to create MOD Clark data set...but I have a problem..when I open the file created with WMS in HMS and run the simulation..the program said: ERROR 20128: No gridded precipitation records could be found in file "null". What is the form to introduce in WMS precipitation grid from XY series? Is it possible? Thanks Congratulations for the forum!
  12. Rita

    Curve number

    Hello I’m working with watershed of basins and floods…, I want to use the HMS across the WMS, the problem that I have is the next: I have the curve number in format grid (ESRI)..and I don’t know use it in the wms. Help please!!
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