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  1. Dear Sirs, I'm having some difficulty to understand this error showed during PTM neighbor file process. Would it be caused by mesh size or geometry configuration? Please, I'd appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks, Taoan PTM Version 2.0 Build 060 (28/Jan/2011) Run start: 2011/09/30 12:37:44 Reading program control file... Reading ADCIRC mesh data... Reading boundary data... Creating closed boundary element list... Creating open boundary element list... Reading sediment data file... Opening hydrodynamic data file... Computing areas of elements... Neighbors file corrupted >&
  2. Dear Sirs, I'm looking for some help tutorial to use RMA2 hydrodynamics solutions in PTM simulations. I tryed to use the option Create input file from data in PTM model control to generate XMDF input file from RMA2. However when I start PTM run SMS shows the message: "Invalid XMDF path" When I try to set the XMDF path in PTM model control, SMS shows a error message "Specified file does not contain valid data." Please I'd appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks for attention
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