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  1. all SMS files + shapefiles? What's the ftp address?
  2. Hi, I am having a problem exporting shapefiles. My files save fine, but when I open them in Arc I am missing sections of the mesh that display in the SMS interface. anyone seen this before?
  3. Hi, I am new to FESWMS as well and am having the same error. I have set my upstream input boundary to ##, but it appears not to recognize any flow since my Zw is -999 for all nodes at the boundary. I have set the intial conditions to have a water surface elevation equal to the highest elevation in my model. !ERROR - Total conveyance is zero in boundary cross section "1". Cross section nodes: ======================================================= N NpID Bcode Zw Zb H ----- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 18 0 0 -
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