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  1. Hello, what's the replacement of SED2D in SMS 10?? Cheers, azahrafa
  2. ok, thank u.. I'm still using sms 8.1, but there seems to be a lot of problems with the sed2d..
  3. hi, does anybody know where I can get the SED2D Technical Reference? Thanks, azahrafa
  4. hello Harjadig, I'm a student and currently learning to use SMS. I noticed from you previous posts and topics that you are also using SED2D. I am having troubles using SED2D right now, and don't have a clue what to do to solve it. I posted a topic in Hydraulic Models (trouble using SED2D). I was hoping that you could help me with it. Thanks before, I look forward to hearing your r...

  5. Hello everyone, I'm a student and currently learning to use SMS (version 8.1) to simulate sedimentation in an estuary. I use RMA2 to simulate the flow, and SED2D for the sedimentation (since I don't have CMS-flow). However I'm having problems with SED2D. Error keeps occurring every time I run SED2D. I get no outputs, and the model just stops. I tried changing the x, y scales in the Model Control tab in RMA2, to see if it would make any effect on SED2D, and it did. When I entered a value (in both the x and y scale spaces) of 30, I had got SED2D to run. But when I checked the calibration error from the output of RMA2, I found a high error value using RMSE. This situation was different from when I entered a scale value of 1 in the x, y scale spaces, where I found a small error value using RMSE. Why is this occurring? Any suggestions? Any help would be great! Thanks, Azahrafa
  6. Oh, ok Rusty, looks like I have a lot to learn, before I can move on. Thanx for your very helpful answers. Best Regards, Azahrafa
  7. Thanks for replying. Oh, so both models are appropriate for my location, but RMA2's better to use when you have river inflow boundary conditions, while ADCIRC on the other hand is better when wind force is important. Did I get that right? I've tried using RMA2, and to simulate the sediment transport I imported the output from RMA2 to SED2D, but I couldn't get it to run, error keeps occurring, I'm still trying to work on that. I haven't tried using ADCIRC though. and I've never heard of PTM before. What is it? Thanks a lot. Azahrafa
  8. Hello, I'm a student and currently learning to use SMS. I'm using it to simulate sedimentation in an estuary. There are some questions I'd like to ask. What's the difference between RMA2 and ADCIRC? And if the study location is in an estuary in a small strait where the waves are not very strong, and the depth of the location I’m observing range from 0-50 meters would it be appropriate to use RMA2? Or would ADCIRC be more appropriate? Thank you, Azahrafa
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