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  1. I have a circular domain with all ocean boundaries and only an offshore reef structure that I wish to model (no islands or internal land boundaries). The domain generation was easy, but I get no data (NaN), or meaningless data from CGWAVE when i perscribe either circular parabolic boundaries (in the first instance) or Bassel series (in the second instance). Has anyone else attempted to run CGWAVE in SMS with circular boundaries and had any luck... are there tricks, or hints on how to get CGWAVE to work, or does anyone have any guidance to offer? Cheers,
  2. Hi. I'm just wondering if someone could enlighten me as to how CGWAVE or SMS dissipates wave energy following breaking when a ratio of H/h is used (wave height/water depth) rather than using the wave breaking option in the actual model. Thanks, Brett
  3. I believe it refers to the open boundary segment that you which to perscribe wave spectra for, so if you have multiple open boundaries then you can define the wave spectra differently along each of these boundaries. If you have a single open boundary then k=1 and you specify the wave spectra along this single boundary.
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