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  1. Rusty, I just downloaded the new TUFLOW tutorials you have highlighted - In the table of contents in module 1 pdf it refers to Module 6 - "D-"D Linking (I am assuming Muliple domains). Although the note says that the documents have not been produced yet it does say that the model files are there to download. However, they are not with the TUFLOW tutorials zip file. Is there any possibility of uploading the files for module 6 and is there an eta for the documents on module 6? Thanks Simon
  2. Hi, I was just wondering whether anybody had any fixed methodology for applying wave overtopping to a bounday condition in SMS 10/TUFLOW. If I calculate overtopping rates over a fixed length of seawall I can make the boundary the same length and apply the assoicated calcs to that boundary condition. Water enters the model using the correct volumes, but it is forced into the model at the lowest point along the boundary condition - not representative of overtopping conditions which would put the water over the entire boundary length evenly, before running down to the lowest elevation (if a path exists). Does anybody know if you can apply overtopping volumes along the whole boundary so the it enters the model evenly along the whole boundary? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Simon
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