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  1. Hi I just wanted to let you know that I eventually obtained encourageant results for my fjord simulation... I still have a lot to do but your support has been so helpful Thank you and happy christmas! Geraldine
  2. Hi Rusty, I have succeeded in running ADCIRC with 2 ocean boundaries in SMS one time only, and the problem was that the flow was coming from the 2 different boundaries instead of circulating from one to the other (one boundary is the ocean, the other one is a fjord). Is there a way to solve this problem? During the last days, I have been changing a little bit this area to make new tries, but now I'm getting the "WARNING: Elevation.gt.WarnElev" message while running ADCIRC... And I can't find what's leading to that! Every little suggestions for, at least, one of those two problems could considerably help me, because I'm stucked now!!! Geraldine
  3. I realise now that I was in a wrong way trying to use the same domain in ADCIRC and CGWAVE... Anyway, your answer is really helpul! What I really would like to do is generate a mesh in SMS for an ADCIRC project, but then use this mesh to run ADCIRC without SMS since I need some features not yet supported by SMS... Thus, my question is, can I use CGWAVE (this is the only SMS model I'm supposed to have) to build a domain and a mesh useable for an ADCIRC project (without SMS)? I wish I could use ADCIRC in SMS but I need e.g. several ocean boundaries... Thanks again Rusty, Geraldine
  4. Hello, I would like to run CGWAVE and ADCIRC on the same domain and I assume that I can use the same mesh in both models, but I can't find how! I have generated a mesh on my domain (using scalar density from data)in the "Generic 2D mesh" type of models and saved the mesh, then I opened it, being in an ADCIRC or CGWAVE coverage, but here there is no ADCIRC or CGWAVE menu appearing (Whereas, with a mesh generated in an ADCIRC model e.g., there used to be ADCIRC menu appearing when selecting the mesh data in the project explorer)... So I just can't run my model, like if there were no mesh existing! Can anyone tell me how to use Generic 2D mesh in a model like ADCIRC for example? Thanks, Geraldine
  5. Actually, I'm able to put a check in the Output column for those files, the problem is that they are not created... I am entering same start and end times as for files 63 and 64, which are created. Am I right when I expect that files 44 to 46 are created even if I don't define recording stations? They seem to be "global" as files 63 and 64. By the way, I noticed that files 63 and 64 appeared in the timing tab when checked, whereas files 44 and 46 don't! I really feel I missed something because I don't understand how ADCIRC could make calculations on density or temperature and salinity without any initial informations about that! Is there an input file or something I have to create??? Thanks, Geraldine
  6. So, if I understand what you mean, I should extend manually my land boundary to include very shallow water in it, and so keep only areas with enough depth to build my ocean boundary...? I will try to do that and I will let you know if some problems still remain! Thanks again, Geraldine
  7. Rusty, Thanks to your comments, I found out a way to modify my data files so SMS is able to create feature arcs at my specified elevation. But the fact remains that, sometimes, "bad connections" are made... I hope my "print screen" attached will allow you to get what I mean by "bad connections"! Do you think it's possibly due to my data files, or is it a random "mistake" while using this SMS function? If so, what do you recommend? Thank you Geraldine
  8. Thanks Rusty, my problem is certainly due to shallow water... I tried to copy some reasonable value, but it actually is a very awkward task because it often seems to lead to 'Warning Water Surface Elevation' during the calculations ^^ One possible solution seems to be replacing my semi-circular ocean boundary by a simple straight line... I hope this won't affect my model in another way!
  9. Thank you Rusty, You are right about my very small number of places at z=0m. I tried with 1m since a lot of points are situated at this z, but the resulting features are so unconnected... Anyway, I then tried with another file that really well describe my coastline by a scatter set of points, all of them at z=0m. Nothing is created this time, and when I turn on a single contour line at 0m (really good idea by the way), I obtain discretes features arcs (like one point can be connected to only one other). Do I have too many points at z=0m this time? Geraldine
  10. Hello, I'm currently evaluating SMS 10.1 and more especially ADCIRC. I can't find a way to make ADCIRC create output files no. 41 to 46, available in the output file list. Are they useable at the moment? If yes, what have to be done to obtain them? If not, when would it be ok, and how density, temperature and salinity will be assessed by ADCIRC? Thanks Geraldine
  11. Hi, Le Provost database assigns constituents' Amplitude and Phase for only half of nodes in my ADCIRC model: Node Amplitude Phase 1 0.0 0.0 2 0.0 0.0 3 0.0 0.0 4 0.0 0.0 5 0.6134189897366 338.01270227719 6 0.6133770631197 338.01837342088 7 0.6134028768554 338.01488157507 8 0.6134920359235 338.00282558166 The date and the number of nodes doesn't matter... I'm in Geographic coordinates (WGS84) What did I do wrong??? Geraldine
  12. Hello, I would like to create feature arcs from a scatter data set containing xy and z coordinates. I tried the command "Scatter contours --> features" and then elevation 0m and spacing 10m (default values), but nothing is created... Then I tried to enter 20m for elevation and 1m for spacing, and some features arcs appeared, but really unconnected. My questions are: 1.What "spacing" exactly refers to? 2.Is there a way to generate feature arcs from a data set, at elevation 0m in order to represent a coastline? I'm interested in any way to generate a coastline from xy or xyz scatter datas since the one I downloaded from NOAA does not exactly match with my " 0m elevation " points... And creating feature arcs manually is not an option since my scatter set is made of 2700 vertex... Thanks for advices or comments, Geraldine
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