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  1. I assume that your borehole data will be consistent with your MODFLOW grid elevations. What do you mean with that? Also i dont have bottom elevations..as top elevations i have the contours of the area. How i can ''close'' my aquifer or my area in the bottom of the grid? Thank you, M.
  2. Thank you for responding Alan, but can you be more specific please. how i can do this??? Once i tried this but i dont know if it is rigth..create a new modflow conceptual model and a new coverage. Then create a polygon that coincides with the boundary of the water basin and after that select the option Activate Cells in Coverage...and i insert the contours, interpolating?i dont remember exactly and then my grid had the heigths of my real area. Thank you, M.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to cut the orthogonal grid of TPROGS like the shape of a water basin or as anything you want to?? if there is any direct or indirect way. Thank you, M.
  4. l have convert the polylines through arcgis to points so i am good. But something else that makes me think is that one contour had wrong value (instead of 280 was 28...). So I correct it in the attribute table in GIS but when i insert my shapefile to GMS it stills wrong. Why is this happening???? Thank you
  5. Yes i know this procedure, but maybe i wasnt so clear. My coverage is the boundary of a water basin..I have done it for other reasons. When i convert the contours shapefile (polylines) i go to GIS->Shapes->Feature Objects and then the result is my contours to be in the Map Data file as the boundary of the water basin (boundary+contours) I want to be seperate things. Why my coverage (boundary) included in the points of the contours when l do it to 2D Scatter points? Can't be seperate? Thank you
  6. yes but the contours are not points but polylines...and its needed a coverage for this..i dont want the coverage to be converted in scatter points but its avoidable, isnt another way? thank you
  7. How it can be coverted a shapefile (includes contours) to 2D scatter points, without having a coverage? Because this works only if a coverage exists..and also converts the coverage as points including it with tha data of the contours.. Thank you
  8. Is it in your future plans any GMS training course (for T-Progs and Modflow) for Phd students somewhere in Europe and economically feasible? Thank you
  9. Thank you very much for the information! I think that it will help alot..
  10. Thank you for the information!
  11. Hello..in my study area one of material pair plot, has 2 lines of measured data in the markov chain model...see the picture to see what i mean..has anyone an idea of what may be the problem???or why is this happening?? (if l minimize the area i dont have this issue, but i want a bigger region of study) thank you
  12. Hello. I have a question what is the criteria for choosing the number of the cells in a grid??And what is Bias??l cant find the meaning of it.... in these values of grid frame can you give me an opinion of the cells number?what must be?thank you! 1.bmp
  13. GMS 6.5 build date April 2008...yes GMS is installed in program files.. thank you
  14. These days l have problem that when l am saving an existing file with another name to do my work my computer closes sometime or the file name is something like this example: BOREHOLES and now BORE...1, the half name with nymber 1 in the end..and also l cant open my files it stucks..l dont know what to do!thank you
  15. My question is what l am looking when l am going to choose one of the 5 fitting methods in Markov chain model and the value of the distance lag?? what is the best value how can l select this value?? in the tutorial says we take these values but it doesnt explain the reason... And second question. I insert a set of scatter points in the 3d grid tprogs simulation..through these set of points l have cut the orthogonical grid and now has the view of the real basin heights, if you understand what l mean. The problem is that when l am going to see it from side view l see some parts of the row (a missing picture) thank you
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