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  1. Hi. I am a former WMS6.1 user. The only way to add additional stream segments to the existing TIN (streamnetwork)in that older Version was to use the breakline-command in the TIN modul. After creating a breakline (red highlighted) you were able to click on "streams"->"create stream". And now in WMS8.3 the developer rearranged the buttons and menus in a way which makes it not immediately obvious how i could make use of the "create stream" function on an existing TIN with a river network. The "create stream" function is now in the drainage modul. However, the create breakline command is in the terrain modul. If i change from the terrain modul to the drainage modul the breakline disappears. To cut a long story short, how can i add stream segments to an existing TIN (with streamnetwork)? So far, I didnt managed to get the "create stream" button active. Thanks for your help.
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