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    Hi, I am trying to run modpath outside GMS using the .rsp I created using modpath in GMS which have since edited plus the .mdf and .nam files with no success. Is there anyone who can help me suucessfully to do this? Regards, Brenda
  2. Hi Alan, I have had a look into MODFLOW Analyst that is part of Arc Hydro Groundwater but would still like to implement the editing and re-running of modflow using the the native modflow files using an executible file that I am creating in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using C#. Is there a way of getting access to code that was used to create the MODFLOW Analyst? Regards, Brenda
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  4. Hi Erik, Thanks for your reply. I tried it and was able to edit the .lpf manually. However, I am trying to automate this process by writing code that will create an executible file that will: 1) Edit the relevant files 2) Re run the GMS model 3) Export the output files created into ArcGIS in form of shapefiles. Therefore, I need to know how to edit the files through code. I am currently trying to create this executible file in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using C#. Regards, Brenda
  5. Hi, Can exported native MODFLOW 2000 textfiles be editated, converted back to the equivalent HDF5 files and be used to re-run a GMS model? If yes how can one do this? The files I would particularly like to edit are the .lpf file, to change hydrogeological parameters such as recharge, conductivity etc and .wel file to insert a new well in the file. Regards, Brenda
  6. Brenda

    GMS packages

    Hi Erik, Thanks for your reply. I am working with a steady state model developed in GMS environment. I am trying to link the model with ArcGIS 9.2 using an external processor. This external processor is basically an executable file I am writing using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 which is called within ArcGIS 9.2. It is supposed to interogate the model and retrieve the essential hydrogeological data which include the geometric boundaries of the model and key model parameters (recharge, hydraulic conductivity, porosity, storage coeficient and specific yield). The challenge I have is to identify
  7. Brenda

    GMS packages

    Hi all, Could someone help. Which package can one use when assigning effective and total porosoty values to a model. Furthermore, which input file would contain these values? Regards, Brenda
  8. Brenda

    LPF package

    Hi all, I have a question on the LPF package. Why is the specific storage and speficific yield buttons unavailable when a steady state model is selected? With visual modfolw that I have been using until recently one can assign specific storage and speficific yield values to either a steady stae model or transient model. However, GMS would not allow me to do that with a steady state model. Is there another way of assigning these values when a steady state model is selcted? Regards, Brenda
  9. Hi, I am a new member to the forum and just recently started learning how to use GMS modflow. For several years now I have been working on linking groundwater flow models mostly developed in visual modflow with GIS. I am now currently working on a project in which I am expected to replicate what I have done with GIS and visual modflow to models constructed using GMS modflow. One of the challenges I am facing is identifying equivalent data files in GMS modflow. Particularly, I would like to know which file in GMS modflow is equivalent to the .vmr file (model run options data file) in visual mo
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