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  1. I'm wondering how to create the fort.74 file from adcirc model? I've try select fort.74 as an output file in Model Control page but notthing happen. I'm also looking in fort.15 file and found NOUTCM was 0, I've replace it to 1. After run the ADCIRC, the fort.15 was revert it to 0. Please kindly help advice how to built the fort.74 file. I'm need to intopolate it to STWAVE. Thank you ina dvance.
  2. more info what i have done is first, i'm try import wind U and V data as scatter set. next, i interpolate them to Mesh. next, i convert scatter to vector. finally i have several vector. (number of vector equal to number of time step specified in my attached file) what i need is one vector with time step within.
  3. Thank you for all reply. Now i'm use the IDV program to convert netCDF to excel file. My next question is, how to import the excel file or text file to ADCIRC while the wind data still be an interval data? I'm try import but can't import as interval data. it come in as scala data. i've attached the wind data file(U direction) for your information. sample1222.txt
  4. Does anybody know how to import the GRIB or netCDF file in to SMS? I would like to import wind data from GRIB or netCDF file into SMS. If we've to convert GRIB or netCDF to ASCII before, please let me know how to do it as well. Thank you in advanc.
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