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  1. Hi Khalil, As far as I know it is impossible to change cell size (resize) in GMS after the model was created. If you want different cell size than 200*200m, then you will have to create new grid. Best regards, Dejan
  2. Hello! I have installed GMS 9.2.3 on windows 7 but I cannot register the software. I have installed both 32/64 bit version and the error is the same. The problem occurs after the registration, saying the connection with hardware lock was lost (see attachment). With V 9.0 I have no problems. Do you have any solution? Regards, Dejan
  3. Dejan

    modflow errors

    I have found the error. I had few dry cells in my model and that disturbed it. I have create those cells as inactive, ran the model and now it works. Thanks, Dejan
  4. Dejan

    modflow errors

    I know. I preform check simulation often, just to make sure everything is OK and also this time it is. I also check specified cell if the cell thickness is negative, but it is not. strange...
  5. Dejan

    modflow errors

    Hello, I have constructed my model in the way that it fits pretty well to the observed data. Now I am trying to do MODPATH particle track. When I use area of contamination the model works, and I got pathlines. But if I want to create pathlines from the wells, I recive this error message:(do you know what could be the problem?) DISCRETIZATION INPUT DATA READ FROM UNIT 19 # MF2K DISCRETIZATION FILE # # # NLAY NROW NCOL NPER TIMEUNITS LENUNITS 1 LAYERS 134 ROWS 165 COLUMNS 1 STRESS PERIOD(S) IN SIMULATION MODEL TIME UNIT IS SECONDS MODEL LENGTH UNIT IS METERS Confining bed flag for each layer: 0 IRCHTP= 1 IEVTTP= 1 MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICLES IS 500000 4810443 ELEMENTS IN THE "A" ARRAY DELR READING ON UNIT 19 WITH FORMAT: (FREE) DELC READING ON UNIT 19 WITH FORMAT: (FREE) STRESS PERIOD LENGTH TIME STEPS MULTIPLIER FOR DELT SS FLAG ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 1.000000 1 1.000 SS STEADY-STATE SIMULATION 165 COLUMNS 134 ROWS 1 LAYERS 0 CONFINING LAYERS IGRID (GRID TYPE CODE) IS 0 LAYCON (LAYER TYPE CODES): 1 IBOUND FOR LAYER 1 READING ON UNIT 10 WITH FORMAT: (FREE) POROSITY = 0.3000000 FOR LAYER 1 Single Precision Binary Files determined from Head file --------------- HEADS WERE READ FOR LAYER 1, STRESS PERIOD 1 TIME STEP 1 HEADS HAVE BEEN READ READING FLOW PACKAGE BUDGET DATA FOR STRESS PERIOD 1 , TIME STEP 1 ... Reading CONSTANT HEAD for Period 1 Time Step 1 Reading FLOW RIGHT FACE for Period 1 Time Step 1 Reading FLOW FRONT FACE for Period 1 Time Step 1 FLOW RATES BETWEEN CELLS HAVE BEEN READ Reading WELLS for Period 1 Time Step 1 Reading DRAINS for Period 1 Time Step 1 Reading RIVER LEAKAGE for Period 1 Time Step 1 Reading RECHARGE for Period 1 Time Step 1 STARTING LOCATIONS NOW BEING READ FROM FILE... STARTING LOCATIONS HAVE BEEN READ FROM FILE NUMBER OF VALID PARTICLES = 60 4827 CELLS HAD ERRORS > 0.0010 MAXIMUM ERROR = 200.0000% IN ROW 7 COL 25 LAYER 1 CELL-BY-CELL ERROR SUMMARY: ROW COLUMN LAYER ERROR(%) ERROR(ABSOLUTE) (ONLY FIRST 500 ERRORS ARE LISTED) 7 25 1 200.0000 0.53087E-02 7 26 1 200.0000 0.10316E-01 7 27 1-200.0000 -0.10549E-02 7 28 1-200.0000 -0.55771E-01 7 29 1-200.0000 -0.90281E-01 25 43 1 0.0037 0.46287E-06 25 44 1 -0.0233 -0.22678E-05 25 45 1 -0.0470 -0.33309E-05 RUN STOPPED because cell thickness is negative. 1 15 25 258.8919 261.6815
  6. Dejan

    modflow errors

    Hello! I have a new question. For now I have quit idea for model with several layer, now I have only one layer. I have created a model with constant head and two rivers. I have also a good observation wells network on the area. I have created polygons for hydraulic conductivity and run PEST for optimization the hydraulic conductivity. The results are quite ok. The problem appears when I want to run the model in forward mode and I got dry cells in one area. If I use cells rewetting model does not converge. Can I do something about that? I have also one question about river conductance. Does it affect any way to the head? I played a bit with different data but I did`t notice the differnce only at the comupted flow (and that flow represent flow from/into the aquifer, right?). Please correct me if I am wrong. How can I set conductance correct? I have mesured only river flow, but I have no idea what is the exchange between river and aquifer. thanks, regards Dejan
  7. Dejan

    modflow errors

    Thanks for help. You have gave me a quite a lot of new things to try. I hope I will be sucessful.
  8. Dejan

    modflow errors

    Ok, with direct solver package it works (but that is the only one which works). I don not use cell rewetting, so this is not the issue. Starting heads are similar to expected. Recharge rates are in right units. Can you please tell me, where can I change solver convergance critera? Can I maybe find some literature about solver packages to see what are the differences? I would like to know how they work and why one works and the other doesn`t. In GMS user manual I just read that most of the models are based on one layer, due to the different reasons. Do you think is it better to construct only model with one layer. Max thickness of my aquifer is 40m. You are right....so many options - makes me totally confused
  9. Dejan

    modflow errors

    Check simulation gives no errors. Everything is in the way it should be. And this is output information: (see attachment). like I said before. I think there is something wrong with recharge...when I set it to zero, the model converge, otherwise it stops, but all parameters are the same like when I have used only one layer. And now the layers should be OK, since the check simulation does not report any errors.
  10. Dejan

    modflow errors

    Hi, I am trying to create a quite simple model using seven layers in a shape of triangle. Input data are: recharge from rainfall, constant head of grundwater on the west and river boundaries in the east and bottom. layers have in general constant hydraulic conductivity around 1 * 10-3 m/s, but in some places there are clay lenses with lower hydraulic conductivity. When I have started to create a model a had only one layer with several different hydraulic conductivites, constant head and two rivers. Everything worked fine. Now when I have created modflow model with seven layers, with same parameters as before, the modflow does not want to converge. I tried to use different parameters and it converged only when I set the recharge to 0. Do you have any idea why is that so. And I would also like to know, if is it possible to check somewhere which input data makes errors and prevents modflow to converge. I hope I made question clear enough. thanks for the help
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