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  1. Hi Clark, Thanks for your helpful response and reply. Glad to know that the WMS could work regularly with Win 7. I did not install a separate CE-QUAL-W2 software, sorry for my poor expression in my last post. I tried to install WMS and use the module of CE-QUAL-W2. BTW, Clark, there is new version of this model of V3.6. You can download it in the public website of this model .
  2. WMS 8.3 did work well with OS windows XP with my former laptop, but now my new PC's OS is Win 7, I even could not successfully install it completely, only the HEC-HMS 3.4 and HEC-RAS 4.0 were installed.I would use the CE-QUAL-W2 module as mentioned. To notice that, at the last of the installation, the installshield wizard showed that WMS 8.3 was installed successfully.However, there is not the WMS 8.3 in the program list. I tried more than three times, it seems the module GSHHA has installation bugs or else.I checked for the operating system requirements, they are windows XP or VISTA, wit
  3. Thank you so much Erick, it was solved.
  4. I almost finished the control file and the W2_con.npt and bth.npt were nearly generated, but at the last step, a warning message appeared as "not all your branches have upstream and downstream segment assigned". Who knows how to solve this problem, could you give me a reply here, thanks.
  5. I have solved it, thanks anyway,Aha
  6. how to identify branch ? and number segment? Thanks.
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