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  1. Hi Alan. Hope you are still here to help (its an old post). Anyway, I have 2 questions: 1) Even though I change to General Mode, I still can only see the flow budgets for 1 layer (not the underlying layers). Any ideas? 2) If my units are defined as meters and days, and my model has 30 day time-steps, when I view the various Zone Flows in and out of a selected cell do I need to multiply those flows by 30 to get the overall flow for that particular time-step? Or is the flow shown for the entire 30 days? Thanks, Menachem
  2. Thanks for your help. The way I am going to do this is to enter the new well data one by one into the relevant cells. My question is like this: In the older model, I go into a particular IJK cell and I see for instance 3 BC's (3 wells) each with its own transient data. Does the IJK cell exist as a summation of all 3 wells (since the command MAP-TO-MODFLOW has previously been run)? What I mean is, if I now add directly a new 4th well to this cell (using Add BC, and pasting a set of transient data), do I need to run MAP-TO-MODFLOW or is that irrelevant? Remember that there is no seperate Map Data coverage for the new wells. Does anything need to be done to activate the summation of all 4 wells into the single IJK cell? Thanks, Menachem
  3. Thanks Alan. How do I combine the 2 well files into 1 well file? The files are broken up into time steps first of all with the pumping data for each well integrated within each time step. It will have to be done in an automated fashion (obviously). Is there a program to do this? .....
  4. We have an older model that has X number of pumping wells (transient data). We want to append the model with addittional wells (not necessarily transient data). The problem is that with the older model we do not have the original Map Data for the wells. We only have the resulting MAP-TO-MODFLOW generated grid. How can we append the new well data to the older grid without erasing the older data? Can we export the older grid data and reimport to the new model in an easy way? Thanks!
  5. Has there been any progress with the GMS developers "fixing" this item? It would seem to be be pretty elementary and important for most users to be able to import a set of transient data for multiple wells from one model to the next. Thanks, MW.
  6. I would like to know how to export from GMS transient pumping data from multiple wells. The data will ultimately look like this: WellName Date Time ExtractionRate 3509101 10/1/2003 00:00:00 0 3509101 11/1/2003 00:00:00 0 3509101 12/1/2003 00:00:00 0 3509101 1/1/2004 00:00:00 0 3509101 2/1/2004 00:00:00 0 Would appreciate any help possible. MW
  7. I am trying to convert a 3-layer, previously calibrated model into a simplified 2-layer model (quasi 3D approach). The middle layer of the original 3-layer model has a very low vertical hydraulic conductivity while the upper and lower layers have much higher values. In the 2-layer model, I need to assign a vertical hydraulic conductivity to the upper layer which will best represent the leaking effects caused by the combination of the two vertical hydraulic conductivity values of the top 2 layers in the 3-layer model. Can someone please tell me how to do this? Do I need to manipulate the values first using the thickness of the middle layer? Do I need to use the BCF package or can I use the LPF package? I ask this latter question because the "Leakance" parameter only appears in the former. Finally, in the LPF package there is a little box that can be checked called "Remove vertical leakance correction". Will I need to check this box? Thanks, Menachem.
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