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  1. Is Coastal Modeling System (CMS) have the option to simulate cohesive sediments or it is only for non-cohesive sediments?
  2. Dear all Hoping my message finds you well. I want to know which is the best model that simulate the nourishment in SMS? Kind regards Ali
  3. I am using CMS and make steering between both flow and wave model(CMS-FLOW, CMS-WAVE) to obtain morphology change of inlet area.While making sensitivity analysis as I don't have any station beside the one existed already in offshore area, I make sensitivity and calibration by measured profiles (morphology change at cross section) as following: 1.I tried Manning coff., d50 for the default formula(Land Cirp), 2. then different formulas(Land-Cirp, VanRijin, and Solusby), and found the best is VanRijin 3. then change d50 with VanRijin but there are no difference?? My question Why d50 did not give significant results with d50 or may be any mistakes in input parameters( When I change d50 I keep Manning in both flow and wave constant , and also transport grain size) ....Is it O.k? Need your advices
  4. 1.I am using CMS software( CMS-FLOW) and (CMS-WAVE) . 2. A full survey( I have the measured bathymetry at the end of my simulation to compare with) but I not do know how it works
  5. Dear 1.How can I visualize the morphology change for the measured bathymetry as I want to compare the measured one to the calculated? and how to polygon to calculate volume change between both. 2. how to choose between sediment transport statistics( gross- net- total) if I want to make sensitivity analysis between sediment transport and Manning or d50? Ali
  6. Dear all I want to extract the contours of bathymetry at the end of my simulation is it possible in CMS-FLOW? Regards
  7. I want to run my simulation on open stack cloud instance running in windows and I want to get full use of the total processor ( about 30 processors ) to expedite my run. I tried but the time of run still as it is . In fact I make steering between CMS-FLOW and CMS-WAVE and I want to make the period of run up to 6 years so it is difficullt. the 6 month take about 5 days in model to get resul
  8. Dear During making steering between flow and wave for implicit scheme , it has been crashed and stopped. and there is an error in diagnostic file . please check for me the attached file to know the problem? attached the project files and the diagnostic file. Please I wait your reply.(Report bug doesn't work). can you inform me how it works ( we already purchased the software so, we ask about technical hours support). Kind Regards Ali

  9. I will use CMS- wave since our Faculty purchased the package of CMS . But the wave gague is out of my domain. So, the question is how to transfer the wave data to offshore boundary first. then I know by assigning the offshore boundary, then it can be propagated to nearshore zone.
  10. Dear all This is my first participation in the forum. I hope you all good health and best wishes. I want to transform wave data at depth 18 m to my boundary at 10 m . Is there any tool of your coastal tools perform this? Deep thanks
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