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  1. Hello, I heard that a density driven module is planned to be on future versions of the GMS. Is it correct? Are applications for the unsaturated zone planned too? I'd be happy to have the development team response. I'm very happy with the GMS yet must have the above modules for my further modeling work. Best, Yoram Katz
  2. Hello I am modeling a rather sophisticated coastal aquifer, and need both the stochastic and density driven tools. In order to enjoy both I first create the model using borehole data, run T-PROGS and imbed the geology in the MODFLOW 3D. Next, I convert the 3D grid to a 3D mesh and operate the FEMWATER. My question relates to the editing of the 3D mesh within the FEMWATER: what is the way to change the properties of elements/nodes located within the mesh interior? Selection by the element/node i.d. is not sufficient since this i.d. may not be known (namely, I would like to refine / change characteristics of cells adjacent to a deep perforation of a well, but I have no ability to point at them or know their i.d. number). Thanks in advance, Yoram
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