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  1. hello Harjadig, I'm a student and currently learning to use SMS. I noticed from you previous posts and topics that you are also using SED2D. I am having troubles using SED2D right now, and don't have a clue what to do to solve it. I posted a topic in Hydraulic Models (trouble using SED2D). I was hoping that you could help me with it. Thanks before, I look forward to hearing your r...

  2. Dear all, How to save in google earth for Indonesia area (Global Projection). I have save my project, but can't load in google earth. Thanks regard harjadi
  3. Dear Rusty, I have already send to support team, thanks harjadi
  4. Dear Rusty, The file are already build. After I closed SMS, then reopened again. the error is pop up. regard harjadi
  5. Dear all, why the FESWMS is take to long time to save a project before running FESWMS. sometimes crash in between. thanks regard harjadi
  6. Dear all, I can't open previously project which i have finished. what the meaning of this error: Invalid syntax or configuration in the FESWMS files. ....fpr. Some internally refered files is may be missing. thanks regard harjadi
  7. Dear Rusty, I am sorry make you confused, I have try to change the CAD file data, Everything is okay now. Thanks for your attention regard\ harjadi
  8. Dear All, I have problem to match between bathymetry data and autocad file. Please suggest ? thanks harjadi
  9. Dear Rusty, How to use SED2D in SMS 10 version, i need to simulate the sediment transport in estuary. Thanks. regard harjadi
  10. Dear All, I want to ask about model checker say : Missing time series observation cell.Missing flow rate observation cell.Missing transport observation cell. What is that means? thank you harjadi
  11. Dear All, Which one is better to modeling thermal distribution for coastal area? thank you in advanced harjadi
  12. how can run it outside of SMS? thx harjadi
  13. Dear all, FESWMS can support sediment transport for coastal ?? thx harjadi
  14. Dear all, I have a cad file. I have save as a .dxf file, SMS can open but the graphic interface can't show the picture. The file explorer show the cad data. thx regard harjadi
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