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  1. Dear Cameron, thx for your help, can i ask u if there is an evaluation complete version of WMS that i can use to do the job because the version that i have buyed is broken and i should finish the job with that i have :s.thanks to u in advance . Best regards, Selim
  2. Hi Cameron, thanks for your help ut i have another problem, when i convert the *.dwg file to a TIN , i can't triangulate it, when i try to to change the scale the program crache i contunue and when i try to compute the topaz, stream lines dosen't show and i have this error: AN ERROR IN INPUT WAS DETECTED; RECORD NUMBER: 67
  3. Cameron, my watershed area i work on is about 0.4Km2, i know why the stream look like but what's the steps i should took to draw it manually??? can I send you the file i have so you can help me. it's the first time i work in modeling watershed's that's why i find difficulties. Best regards, selim,
  4. I changed the flow accumulation value and it's the sale no stream line created :s . how can i create shapefiles for the land use and soil type coverages. arcview, GIS, GMS??? thank you Cameron Best regards, Selim
  5. Hi, I'm an engineer working in modeling watershed's and i use the WMS 8.1. I encoutred problems in manipulationg the modeling procedures like Thomas. I have taken my bassin from a GMS map and open it with the wms, converted it to a DEM to take the elevations. when i tried to compute the TOPAZ, it not create the stream lines. there is a resolution to this problem?? can i send you the model to have more information about??
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