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  1. The default mode is automatic. Ibatch=2
  2. I‘d like to run RMA4v45.exe in automatic mode in Windows Console( cmd windows), not in interactive mode. What should I do? According to the help document of RMA4, the only way to change the mode RMA4 program worked is to recompile the source file. The IBATCH key word should set to 2 or 3 in source code.
  3. Thank you Carmeron. I have another question.:-) What is the difference between concentration boundary condition and mass loading boundary condition in SMS? In my view, mathmatically speaking, the former is the 1st kind of boundary condition so that the problem can be defined as boundary value problem in PDE. However, the latter is not a boundary condition from mathematical point of view, but a Source term in ADE equation. Thanks.
  4. I have realized using element as mass loading. If I use nodal concentration boundary condition , how I know how much mass was inject to the river
  5. so as the title said what is there difference? I want to set a pollution source in RMA4, so which boundary i should specified? thanks.
  6. I add two point sources at two nodes in RMA4. one node(No.11) locates at the bounary nodestring(rma2) as indicated in the attached pic, and the other node(No.101) locates at interior of the rectangular area. However when RMA4 runing, only one Node (N0.11) can be identified and calculated. The .ot3 file said "There are 1 active node boundary condition for time=..." Computation results shows that the boundary condition was not taken into consideration. If I only set a node boundary condition at a interior area, it also doesnot work. Countour map shows that the concentration in each point equ
  7. Thanks so much, Cameron. I would have replied your post much earlier but the Internet speed was not such good to do so. currently, I have followed your guide and was able to set a mass loading in RMA4. Although a minor problem of setting element for rma4 exist, it will be solved in this weekend Regards, Jiping Jiang
  8. How to setup the point pollution source in RmA4 module? for example, how to create a point source on a rectangular interested area. Many thanks!
  9. I try my best to google the answer of oil spill model in SMS but in vain. What model is suitable for this work and how ? Thanks!
  10. I try my best to google the answer of oil spill model in SMS but in vain. What model is suitable for this work and how ? Thanks!
  11. In TABS, I Save As the shape file after the caculation. and when i used arcMap to open the point, line,poly and contour features, the later 3 file can be displayed fine,but to point file ,a message box told me that "Numbers of shapes does not match the number of table records". so,it doesn't display point shape. Why? and What shall I do so that the node info can be exported as shape file ? Thank u....
  12. I meet some trouble . the following are three rows of my GFGEN file(.geo) GNN 1 298774.7226 4871503.9420 0.0000 GNN 3 298589.9983 4871545.3755 0.0000 GNN 5 298645.0820 4871599.8810 0.0000 we can see that only node #1,3,5 was displayed. and in GFGEN help doc ,it is said in GN card "c0l3=N " means Values to be assigned to node J only (insert all ISI=b cards before first N card) I can't understand the sentence. Why only corner codes has x-y-coordinate while midside nodes do not? does sms caculate the x,y-coordinate of midside nodes when running the model
  13. does the common programme named bin2asc.exe can function the same as ems-i's.
  14. In RMA2 manual,there are file format intruduction of lots of filetypes,such as 2D mesh file, XYZfile and so on. but Why I can't find the iterpretion of .sol file。 I export the solution file to ASCII format , but it too difficult to understand the data structure. Thank U!
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