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  1. CGWAVE. If anyone knows how to solve the following problem: the angle of incident waves for the area in the picture is shown in Fig. Simulations with a monochromatic waves give good results, but when using spectral representation of incident waves theNoname1 copy.bmp results are completely wrong in direction of the incident waves.
  2. Wave breaking is usually defined by the line that represents the relationship wave height/depth of the sea (H/d~0,74). So you can get it by using this formula in data calculator.
  3. I'm not sure that I completely understand the question, but it seems that the angle of 80°(between wave directions 350° and 70°) is too big for semicircural boundary, which is used in CGWAVE. I suspect that the problem in assuming the area. You can send it to me on zeckson@net.hr.
  4. E.g., for transmissible (permeable) breakwaters, there are both a reflective and a transmissive component of wave. When it is buffled breakwater, it is very close to fixed floating dock, so I wonder if there is some experimental data about that....
  5. In CGWAVE, you can assign boundary conditions only as reflection coefficient, but I wonder how close is assigning the floating barrier for the permeable structure, e.g. for baffled breakwater? Thanks
  6. Are the results - particle velocities 0,1,2, that are given in CGWAVE output, orbital velocities at surface, bed and in the mid depth? If this is so, which is the bed velocity (0,1 or 2)? Can velocities be presented in color fill method or just with vectors? Thanks
  7. Can anyone provide me a stand alone file CGWAVE.exe + batch script to run it (my e-mail is zeckson@net.hr). I'd appreciate it.
  8. Where can I find cgwave.exe and this batch script? Thanks
  9. What is the meaning of Pressure 0, Pressure 1 and Pressure 2 in CGWAVE?
  10. anybody here ???????!!!!!!!!!
  11. Is it possible in CGWAVE to present results as separate imaginary and real part of the wave? Best regards
  12. zeky

    breaker line

    I mean the line where will wave breaking occur, on sloping beaches...
  13. Hy, My question is, where can I find a good explanations for results of the CGWAVE model. What are: WAVE HEIGHT, PHASE, SEA SURFACE, WAVE SURFACE? What is difference between the last two? Thanx!
  14. How to get a (wave) breaker line in CGWAVE?
  15. As XMSwiki gives the explanation of the formulation given by Chandrasekera and Cheung (1997), which inculde the steep-slope effect, my question is does the CGWAVE take this formulation in account? Is there any practical case that prove this? I'll be thankfull if someone can provide this to me!
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