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  1. Dear Chris, thank you very much. Yes, the HMET file was incorrect. I think I have solved that problem. However, I would like to ask another question. It seems to me that it is not allowed to have nodata values in precipitation data. I have data from multiple stations but these are incomplete. Hence, I thought that the precipitation will be interpolated at each time step from available data. This would of course increase a lot demands on the computational capacity. Could you please provide me an information about it? Kind regards, Vaclav
  2. Hello everybody, I'm trying to run long-term simulation but it falls down very quickly. I suppose that the problem can be in my precipitation data file (.gag) as the last message concerns the precipitation data. Is there anyone who could confirm that to me? I attach the printscreen. The .gag file can be found at /data/files/osobni%20stranky/Vaclav%20David/model_data20180222_6_cont_prec.gag THanx in advance for any advice. Vaclav David
  3. Is there please any possibility to change the precission of values calculated and stored using GSSHA? We are trying to test the application of GSSHA model for small areas and we need to store hydrographs with higher precission.
  4. Dear Chris, thank you very much for your answer. However, I still can't run TOPAZ. I set the local projection when opening WMS with the new project and then set the local projection when opening ascii DEM. But when I try to run TOPAZ the same warning appears (see attached screenshot).
  5. I'm trying to compute flow directions and accumulations by TOPAZ but if I'm trying to run it the warning shows up that I have to convert DEM to UTM before running TOPAZ. I do not know where the problem could be. I'm using metric units and plane coordinate system as the area which I'm going to model is very small and the terrain was measured in the field. Could you please help me to solve this problem?
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