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  1. Hello dear community, Searching for a solution to my problem, someone recommended me Aquaveo. I will shortly describe the issue and hopefully ,in time, I can reach my goals with your help. The topic would be a simulation (using GIS techniques) of the area that will be affected by floods if a dam breaks, I guess we can call the objective a flood zone risk map(the scenario refers to a hypothetical dam rupture because of some reason and the flood induced by the water (lake) that is retained by the dam). I want to make this study on an accumulation lake near my home city. Floods are a major problem in my country and this study could help in risk assessment projects. I find difficulties in: 1st of all, in choosing the software(extensions) that could do this. 2nd - establishing the data needed in order to get the maximum out of these programs 3rd (possibly a 2nd)the methodology that needs to be followed. I read a few recommendations made by Mr Chris Smemoe about using HEC-RAS and consulting the users manual. I think this could be a 1st step but the issues mentioned before still remain unclear. Please do not think that I want others to do my job, I just want someone to show me guidance in this matter because our teachers are not very experienced in these sort or studies. Please let me know if I should mention properties of the dam construction or/and volume data of the water that it retains (properties of the lake that would flood the zone if the dam breaks). Kind regards to the WMS community,
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