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  1. Thanks Chris. I did see that information before. They did not explained in detail. And I am using WMS, if I want to use Gridded SMA, what are the datasets (parameters) do I need in order to develop Gridded SMA method in WMS. I did not find any tutorials related to Gridded SMA. Thanks, Shiva
  2. Hi Chris, Thank you very much for your reply. When I develop the HEC-HMS SMA model with linear reservoir, it is giving base flow (I am assuming that base flow in this case is subsurface flow). But that base flow is looks like cumulative. I did not see any variations. Is that correct? And I just used the common SMA parameters. How can I use the Gridded SMA method? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am using GSSHA model. I want to calculate the subsurface flow. I can use GSSHA but it will take a lot of time for each simulation. Is there any other model that predicts the subsurface flow easily (like HEC-HMS, it will take very less time for each run). Looking forward from your reply. Thanks,
  4. Shiva

    GSSHA streamflow

    Thanks clark. I sent my models to tech support and I am waiting for their reply.
  5. Shiva

    GSSHA streamflow

    Thank you for your reply clark. I am using radar-rainfall grids for my model.
  6. I extracted different hydrographs at different locations in the watershed. I found most of the flow coming towards the outlet was from down stream portion of the watershed (You can see in the attachment). So I created a smaller watershed (I deleted the upper portion of the watershed)for that area and I ran the model. But the smaller watershed hydrograph is showing less volume and low peak. With the original watershed, N-E branch portion giving a peak flow of 140 cms. But after I consider the small watershed with the same parameters, peak flow reduced to 55 cms. Why the flow is changing even though I used the same parameters. Please see the attached word document.Hydrographs.doc
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