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  1. Cameron, Thanks for the information. Regards, Prarxol
  2. Yacob and Erik, I contoured the surface depth file and i didnt find any depression (please have a look on attached pictures). No depth shown for the end or outlet point. I guess there is negative slope at the end portion. I have clean digital dams (I have used hydrological modelling wizard. Last step of this wizard cleans the digital dam.) Is it possible to create hydrograph at section of stream without re-running the model? And is it possible to assign multiple outlet point so that we can view the separate hydrograph? (I have tried. I delineate multiple watershed. But could not run the model) Thanks, Prarxol
  3. Hello All, I am using GSSHA model in WMS. I am using uniform rain in my model. I could see the stream depth and stream flow. BUT THE HYDROGRAHP SHOWS NO DISCHARGE. I have copied the some portion of summary file. Can you tell me what will be the possible reason of not showing the discharge in hydrograph? Thanks, Prarxol *************************************************************** SIMULATION TOTALS GLOBAL MASS BALANCE CALCULATIONS All volumes are in cubic meters Initial volume on surface= 0.00 Initial volume in channels= 0.00 Initial volume in soil over simple soil depth 287118750.00 Initial volume in groundwater= 0.00 Final volume on surface= 267122670.50 Final volume in channels= 126276747.94 Final volume in soil over simple soil depth 824422917.20 Final volume in groundwater= 0.00 Final volume of snow= 0.00 Total amount of precip= 1993880206.37 Total amount of interception= 0.00 Total amount of infiltration= 1600422568.52 Total amount of evaporation= 0.00 Total direct evaporation= 0.00 Total amount of exfiltration= 0.00 Total downward flux from unsaturated zone= 1062620055.75 Total flux of gw across bounds= 0.00 Total overland point sources= 0.00 Total channel point sources= 0.00 Volume lost to specified slope boundary: 0.00 Volume lost to specified head boundary: 0.00 Volume gained from specified head boundary: 0.00 Total lateral inflow into channels= 126276747.94 Total amount of discharge= 0.00 Mass balance error of surface components = 0.002439 percent Overall mass balance error = 0.024400 percent Simple soil moisture mass balance = 0.026402 percent ****************************************************************************************
  4. Chris, Yes, I can manually change the "-1" value to appropriate value from *.idx file. But, to obtain the effect of this change (i.e. no error case), I have to close and open the file again. The file should be saved in *.prj file, NOT *.wms. I dont know why the saved *.wms doesnot work effectively when we open next time. Prarxol
  5. Cameron, I have already sent email about this issue to support@aquaveo.com. I am waiting for the reply. Prarxol
  6. Hi Cameron, Now, I could figure it out whats wrong with my model. In the index map, some of the cell have the minus one ("-1") value. But, I dont know how that happen. Can you tell me how that ("-1") is appeared. The minus one("-1") appears repeatedly after definite interval. Prarxol
  7. hello friends, I am getting a weird error like this: <The index map "land use" has cell with a 0 (or negative ) value>. I rechecked the index map table, none of its value is zero or negative. Could you please tell how to solve this? I am running WMS for GSSHA model. This error appears when i check the model. Thanks, Prarxol
  8. Hello Cameronj, You made me more clear on the concept. Thank you for that. But, still I have some question. HMET data format has: 1. Year (4 digit) 2. Month 3. Day 4. Hour 5. Barometric pressure 6. Relative humidity . . . etc. In my watershed, I have 10 weather station (at different portion of watershed). For same date and time, those 10 station gives the info of temp., press., rainfall etc. This mean, I have different HMET data for same date and time. But, for creating HMET file, I need only one set of data (But I have 10 different sets). In such case, should I create a average data for each parameters ? Hope you understand my question.
  9. cameronj, Thanks for the information. I already looked on those portion. In tutorial 9, it says "Enter the values required for evapotranspiration using the following table 10, or you can find values from the appendix." In table 10, required data for tutorial are given. For more value, it said to look at Appendix. But, where is that Appendix? I could not find. Hmet data is spatial or point data? I mean the tutorial didnt tell about the location Hmet data. Is single data file representing the whole watershed? For large watershed, we may get different Hmet data for different area within the watershed. In that case, what should we do?
  10. I am preparing "Evapo-transpiration" data for GSSHA model in WMS. I have raster data of Evapo-transpiration. But, I think it wont work with WMS. So, I think I should use Penman or Deardorff method. Can anyone tell me how to get the required data for "hydrometerological dataset" for above method?
  11. Thanks Chris. I will try this in my model.
  12. Hi, I faced the "out of memory" error while using "TOPAZ" function in WMS 8.3. I have loaded the DEM file of size 600 MB. My system info is shown below. Previously, I worked the same file on 1 GB memory and it worked. Now, its 2 GB - but it doesnot work. Can you tell me whats with this? The screen shot of error is attached. Processor: Name: Intel® Pentium® D CPU 3.40GHz Speed: 3.40 GHz Memory: 2.00 GB Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Video Card: Make: NVIDIA Model: GeForce 6600 Name: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 Memory: 256.00 MB Display: Driver Version: Driver Date: 1/5/2006 Mode: 1280 x 1024 x 32 bit color Thanks, Prajwol
  13. Hi Chris, Yes, I did that and I am able to join the soil data. But, I got new problem while clicking "Create Coverages" in Define Land Use and soil data. It says "No shapes selected". I have loaded all needed shape file at this point. I have attached the screen shot of the error. Can you tell me what does this mean? Regrads, Prajwol Error on -define land use and soil data.bmp
  14. I used the "GsshaSsurgoImport.xls" to create the Soil data. But, It does not worked well. I tried it on Excel 2003. It made *.dbf file which only contain "FID Shape .....Musym Mukey" fields. But, I need " Hydgrp, Texture, Ksat, Moisture, Fieldcap, Wiltgpt" fields too. Can anyone tell me how to obtain those fields?
  15. I am having problem in using "soil data" in WMS 8.3.3. As per tutorial (parkcity), soil data should be in SSURGO format and it should contain following columns: FID, Shape .....Musym, Mukey Hydgrp, Texture, Ksat, Moisture, Fieldcap, Wiltgpt. I downloaded the soil data from http://soildatamart.nrcs.usda.gov . But the original data does not contain these columns (Hydgrp, Texture, Ksat, Moisture, Fieldcap, Wiltgpt.). Later, I managed to retrieved Hydgrp, Texture, Ksat columns from soil data base in the downloaded folder. I am still missing Moisture, Fieldcap, Wiltgpt column in soil data. As per this link (http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/WMS:What's_new_in_WMS_version_8.3), it says that "Using the “Join SSURGO Data” command in WMS 8.3, you can now join more attributes besides those associated with the *.dbf file" But, the *.dbf that I obtained in downloaded folder does not contain any of columns that I need. Is there any place where I can find this *.dbf file?
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