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  1. Has anyone had an issue saving and running multiple MT3DMS sims inside one gpr file by unchecking the default "save all files in subfolders" and instead assigning a unique *.mts name to each sim? When I close out and reopen the gpr sometimes the MT3DMS solutions all look the same, so maybe I am getting some solution file overwriting. I have checked the directory and all the input & output files are there with different time stamps and the mts file lists the input files correctly. I don't see why this wont work but any insight on the pitfalls of this method or specific instructions are welcome.
  2. I have a MF2000 simulation in GMS that I need to export for a GW Vistas user to load and run. The BA6 and LPF files call a very large HDF5 file for ibound, start head, HK, VK etc. I tried the export Native MF2K text routine but GW Vistas won't open the files. Upon examing the files it is apparent that all the data in the HDF5 file did not get populated back into the BA6 and LPF files, as I think is required for GS Vistas to import. How do I convert the HDF5 file, or is there is another way to get the model into GW Vistas.
  3. I discovered that it WAS working but for some reason the contour interval was changing when I toggled back and forth between the start heads and the output I wanted to use as start heads. So on further examination the procedure worked just fine. Problem resolved.
  4. I have never had this problem. Today when I try to use an existing head file for the starting heads (by selecting "3Ddata set -->Grid" in the starting head interface in the Global Options dialogue) it does not apply the data correctly. I know that becasue when I contour the start heads they don't match the heads from the simulation I am trying to use. Any insight is appreciated!
  5. ok I see why the numbers were not correct: I had an old observation coverage that was throwing the statistics off. Even though it was not an active coverage for some reason it was incorporated in the error statistics. So I will delete it and re-run the model. Also I think the term "error' is now being called 'residual' (ie Mean residual, Mean Abs residual, RMS residual). Thanks for the post Alan. I should be ok now.
  6. I need to retrieve the model error summary based on my observation coverage (Mean error, MAE and RMSE). I have always gone through the Plot Wizard to get it. Now the plot wiz says its not available and you need to right click on the model solution to see errors. When I do that I don't believe the numbers so I don't think I am doing this right or perhaps the function is not working. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  7. both models are steady state but thank you for the ideas. We just found out that GMS 7.1 needs a dedicated graphic card, not an integrated one. They recommend an nVidia Quadro based graphics card and it must support OpenGL 1.5. I don't recall seeing those requirements spelled out anywhere when we upgraded. Has anyone else had to upgrade their graphics card for similar reasons?
  8. My co-worker and I are having the same problem on two independent modeling projects. GMS repeatedly crashes (out of memory error) or just shows an hour glass forever when we create particles. I have tried closing out of programs, turning off the site map and other tricks but to no avail. This does not always happen but we are unable to piece together the pattern.
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