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  1. Hi, I'm modeling a contaminant transport with MT3D while activating MNW2 package for multi-layered model. It seems MNW2 package gives appropriate value for head and drawdown. But when I check the concentration after running MT3D, it gives erratic value on multi-nodes well location. I put negative pumping rate on mnw to simulate pumping well and the concentration is exceeding the upper limit of modeling domain. I wonder anybody experienced same (or similar) problems? If so, any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks, Ki
  2. Hi, I have a question about the compiling of user defined reaction module. I'm trying to use user defined reaction module for RT3D. I write the code and try to compile with MinGW (open source fortran compiler) to make a dll file. But produced dll file is not working for RT3D. It gives an error message of "The Procedure Entry Point_RXNS@60 could not be located in the dynamic link library rxns.dll" Previously, I got a dll file from Digital Visual Fortran program and it was oaky for running. However Digital Visual Fortran is working under window vista and/or window 7. So I found another Fortran compiler which is working under up-to date OS. Does anyone know the way of compile the user defined reaction module with MinGW(gfortran)? Thank you, -Ki-
  3. Hi all, I used GMS 6.5 version up to last month (Mar 2010). I got problems while I trying to move GMS 7.1. Here's problems i have. First, file opening time. When i open the model, it takes forever. it seems it takes more than 5~6 hrs. (I couldn't count, I just open at night and work on next day) Opening MODFLOW alone (*.mfs) does not make any problem. (Opened immediately) Problem caused when I try to open RT3D file. Anybody had same or similar experience? How you solve it? Second, user-defined reaction module. I saw that bug report about with user-defined reaction module. Is that problem resolved? I couldn't still run RT3D in GMS 7.1 with user-defined reaction module. Thanks, -Ki-
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