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  1. Hi, While we were simulating one of our models on GMS using the General Head Boundary package(GHB), we didn’t find any descriptive tutorial for this case. At the following link http://xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:General_Head_Package, the description clarify that these are two parameters to be defined; the General head boundary and the conductance. The conductance is clarified through this link http://xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:Conductance which defines the term “t” as the thickness of the material and this is not representing in the case of general head boundary as it should be the length from the general head boundary to the model boundary. Also there is no clarification about the “main” definition of the general head but only specific for the drain/river. So we recommend to enhance the description of the General head boundary to include the following: The GHB conceptually is a fixed head far from the model where we assume it as a fixed head with time (i.e.: river, head will not be affected by the model stresses with time). The purpose of using this boundary condition is to avoid unnecessarily extending the model domain outward to meet the element influencing the head in the model. As a result, the General head condition is usually assigned along the outside edged of the model domain. The attached is also an example to simplify the two terms. Please check/confirm that our understanding is accurate and it will give meaningful results. Example.pdf
  2. Dear Alan, Two more questions: Do I have to copy the model on the remote machines at the pre-specified paths in the rmf file? Do I need to install/setup GMS on the remote machines or just I have to start the PSLAVE program? Thank you for your assistance.
  3. Thank You Michael for your prompot Reply, Regarding point 1, i remmber that Mr. Lemon mentioned to us in a GMS course about a year ago that it is possible to run GMS/PEST across several computers connected over a network by adding the paths to each machine in a certain file. unfortuntely, i am not able to find my notes about this file or maybe i got it wrong then?
  4. Hi, I have two couples of questions: 1. Is GMS/PEST capable to run a model calibration run over several super computers linked across a fast network?, each of these computers with multiple cores. If Yes, is there a documentation for that. Is BeoPest included in GMS or can be integreated with it. 2. Is GMS/MODFLOW capable to run a direct run a forward run over multiple core on a single machine or across a netwrok. Thanks for your help.
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