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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a question for RMA4.

    Is it right or wrong, if I consider temperature dispersion like pollutant dispersion? Can I write temperature variables instead of concentraiton values to RMA4 BC concentration-time table?

    Please let me know


  2. Hi everyone,

    I got a warning from Tuflow.

    I enter manning n value 0.012 for channel from channel attributes window, but I get a warning everytime like -- "WARNING - Manning's n value of 0.00084 for channel nii_0002 is unusually low or high."-- (but I didn't enter n value 0.00084). This warning causes an error like " UNSTABLE 2999 - Above 61.0m at [115;335]. Time = 8:47:42; Water Level = 102.0; 2D Domain = Domain_001"-- If I enter n value "1", everything is ok.

    Manning n value of channels is 1 in tuflow tutorials. If I change it to 0.012, tutorial model give same warnings and errors also.

    Please let me know.



  3. Firstly thanks for advices Chris.

    I gave time interval to Adcirc and saved the file. Then I controlled fort.15, and WTIMINC is gretaer than zero now. But again when I run, the same error. but this time for fort.19 "forrtl severe(24): end-of-file during read unit 19 file..." "typcally your input value for tau0 sholuld be equal to tau adcirc version is 48.4642"

    If you have a time, can you look my sms folders? I can mail them to you.


  4. Hi everyone,

    I ve got wind data in text file. It contains maximum wind velocity and its direction number for everyday.

    for example;

    year mounth day direction maxvelocity

    2003--- 1--------1--------3-------- 5

    2003--- 1--------2--------2------- 6

    2003--- 1--------3--------2------- 7.5

    which NWS is convenient? how can I add this text file to adcirc?

    thanks any advice


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