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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question for RMA4. Is it right or wrong, if I consider temperature dispersion like pollutant dispersion? Can I write temperature variables instead of concentraiton values to RMA4 BC concentration-time table? Please let me know Mestan
  2. Hi everyone, I have some questions about RMA2/4. 1- I want to use wind generated waves in RMA2/RMA4. Is it possible? 2- Is it possible that RMA2 can read Stwave files? Thanks any advice Mestan
  3. Now it is ok, no error Thanks very much, Mestan
  4. Hi everyone, I got a warning from Tuflow. I enter manning n value 0.012 for channel from channel attributes window, but I get a warning everytime like -- "WARNING - Manning's n value of 0.00084 for channel nii_0002 is unusually low or high."-- (but I didn't enter n value 0.00084). This warning causes an error like " UNSTABLE 2999 - Above 61.0m at [115;335]. Time = 8:47:42; Water Level = 102.0; 2D Domain = Domain_001"-- If I enter n value "1", everything is ok. Manning n value of channels is 1 in tuflow tutorials. If I change it to 0.012, tutorial model give same warnings and errors also. Please let me know. Thanks, Mestan
  5. Hi Chris, you haven't answer to me yet about solve adcirc wind problem. If you can overcome adcirc problem, we plan paying to you 200 $ within our project budget. I'm looking forward for your respond as soon as possible. Regards,


  6. Hi everyone, I get an error about fort.19 in Adcirc. Error is in attachment. Please let me know. thanks mestan
  7. Hi Chris, I couldn't fix the problem at fort.19 file TAU error. I'm in Istanbul Technical University Civil Eng.Dep. This is very important for my project. Can you send your mail adress to me and help me if I send my sms files to you? My mail adress is mestanclef@yahoo.com Regards, mestan

  8. Firstly thanks for advices Chris. I gave time interval to Adcirc and saved the file. Then I controlled fort.15, and WTIMINC is gretaer than zero now. But again when I run, the same error. but this time for fort.19 "forrtl severe(24): end-of-file during read unit 19 file..." "typcally your input value for tau0 sholuld be equal to tau adcirc version is 48.4642" If you have a time, can you look my sms folders? I can mail them to you. mestan
  9. fort.15 is here. fort.15.txt
  10. I didn't change anything in the fort.15. I'm using VERSION 48.4642 Thanks mestan
  11. Hi everyone, I got an error from Adcirc like "forrtl severe(24): en-of-file during read unit 15 file C:\Documents and Settings\... Please let me know. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your advice. But my question is about time series editor. In these links; http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/File:TimeSeriesEditor.jpg http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/SMS:Spatial_Data_Coverage mestan
  13. Hi everyone, How can I import time series to ADCIRC? thanks any advices mestan
  14. Hi everyone, I ve got wind data in text file. It contains maximum wind velocity and its direction number for everyday. for example; year mounth day direction maxvelocity 2003--- 1--------1--------3-------- 5 2003--- 1--------2--------2------- 6 2003--- 1--------3--------2------- 7.5 which NWS is convenient? how can I add this text file to adcirc? thanks any advice mestan
  15. Hi everyone, I want to add wind effect to my model. I've got wind data day to day. How can I use them in Adcirc? How can I add them to my model? thanks in advance, mestan.
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