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  1. Hi everyone, Do anyone use the nodal attribution of surface_directional_effective_roughness_length - z0Land ? When I used this attribution,the analog value of storm surge is much less than the measured value.I have attached my result.I don't know where is the problem,so can you give me some advice ?Can you recommend some papers about z0 calculation for me?Thanks! Sincerely, Nidia
  2. Hi Rusty, I don't have the paper of "observation tutorial",can you send it to me ?My email is adcirc@yahoo.com.cn,or can you give me the links? Thanks! Nidia
  3. Hi Rusty, The parameters of QNIN1 and QNIN2 are in the program of nodalattr.F in the code. You told me to check the flow near the boundary ,"using an observation arc and a time-series plot (specify the type as flux, choose the velocity dataset and depth datasets)",I can't understand clearly ,so can you expain it for details? Thanks! Nidia
  4. Hi, I used the forcing of wind and inflow flux to simulate the storm surge,and I find there's some thing wrong with the inflow flux.Someone told me to check in the the inflow flux whether the model used the flux that I gived. I looked the code of ADCIRC,and find that there're two parameters QNIN1 and QNIN2 when reading fort.20.So who can tell me the difference between them and whether QNIN2 is the real flux that ADCIRC used? I want to receive your answer as soon as possible.Thanks! nidia
  5. Now I don't know how height is shyscaper and how to set the criterion?Can you recommend some publications to me ?And how to use the nodal attribute of surface_canopy_coefficient ?After all I don't know how much area will be flooded?Whether you simulate the progress to concern the inundation? Thanks Nidia
  6. Hi everyone, I use ADCIRC to simulate the inudation forced by storm surge.Now I want to consider the roughness of land.Does anybody have used the nodal attributes of surface_directional_effective_roughness_length and surface_canopy_coefficient? First,about the surface_directional_effective_roughness_length attribute,how shoud I calculate the twelve values for every node?I only have the altitude,latitude and longitude of every node,can you give me some thread that how should I use these data to get the value for this nodal attribute?Another question is how to deal with the Mountains and forest in this nodal attribute? About the nodal attribute of surface_canopy_coefficient,if I can not be sure that how much arae of forest will be flooded,how should I use this nodal attribute for forest? Thanks! Nidia
  7. Hi Ian, I don't know how to check the inflow flux.I didn't find the parameter which controlled to export the flux of specified flow boundary in the file of fort.15.How do you realize it ? Thanks. Nidia
  8. Hi, Now I'm using ADCIRC to simulate the inundation with a non-periodic normal flux boundary( the file of fort.20).When I ran the model,I found that when the QNIN(the data in the fort.20) was larger than 22 the running would terminate before finishing.Because the QNIN =Q/the width of river,If I set the Q smaller than the measured value so I could not get the expected elevation which was recorded in the file of fort.61.Although I could obtain the file of fort.61,but during the running it always appeared "ERROR: Elevation.gt.ErrorElev" and the simulated elevation usually was dozen meters which was obvious wrong. I don't know where is the error and how should I do to resolve this problem?I have smoothed the grid that every one is close to regular triangle and this grid can do well with the simulation that wind is the exclusiv forcing term. Nidia
  9. Thanks for your answer.Now I have downloaded sms 10.1-32bit,but when I opened the boundary file ,SMS revealed a error-"cannot find file MODBGR".The boundary file can be read in sms 8.1.How should I resolve it ?
  10. I want to creat a 2D mesh using Paving.I set the "Bias" is equal to 0.1 in the "Polygon Attributes". When I run the "Map -> 2D Mesh",the SMS popep up a window saying "This machine does not have enough memory to continue this operation.Save your data and exit.(myiGetArcPts) ". Why did this occur?How should I resolve this problem? The version of SMS that I used is 8.1.
  11. Thanks for your answer,I will try it as you said.
  12. The version of SMS that I used is 8.1,is this SMS can export the picture of domain that I'm interested?Can this version can export the picture of grid,the counter picture of interpolated depth?I want to get the pictures' format that is JPG or JPEG etc. The SMS can read in the picture whose format is JPG,but the first step is register image,I don't understand this.I have selected the area ,now I want to change the coastline of it,but I didn't have the referred picture,so I truncate the picture from Google Earth,then import it into SMS,but how can I ascertain this picture's latitude and longitude so that it can zoom in or reducte with the corresponding latitude and longitude of studied area? I have attached the picture. Thanks Nidia
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