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  1. So how is that done in WMS?? Or do I have to do it another app? -Thomas
  2. Thanks, I didn't realize that I could edit those. I'll see if that helps. Is there an option in WMS that will allow you to "burn in" streams from a vector file so as to initially set up the dem with those streamlines as "preferred" paths? There was an option in some of the ArcGIS tools to burn in streams, but I haven't seen an option like that in WMS. -Thomas
  3. I work at the Watershed scale, and as such I delineate a large number of individual basins. The Topaz created streamlines from a DEM for the most part are very good and known (digitized streamlines) agree well with it. But, for those instance where Topaz does not create a stream line where there is a known (and verified) streamline on the landscape, is there a way to adjust or add in a streamline so that I can delineate a particular basin? Typical of my work, I'm trying to delineate basins with outlets at road/stream intersections (culverts...). I've tried adjusting the threshold, hoping for the stream that I need to show up, but to no avail. What are my options in these situations?
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