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  1. using the normal RDC on vista from the coworkers machine
  2. thosmithIIHR


    Hey Guys, I've had some trouble with SMS while I'm trying to remote desktop to my SMS machine at work. Whenever I'm at home, SMS works completely fine except I cannot load data files. As soon as I load a data file, SMS immediately crashes. I tried remote desktop from my co-workers machine at work and was able to load a data file into SMS just fine. So why is it not working when I remote to my machine at home? I have a 12b connection and I'm running Microsoft RDC for macs. I have a MacBook I'm RDC'ing from and I'm logging into a Mac Tower that's running vista. Hope this is enough info and makes sense. Thanks.
  3. There are two uncontrolled spillway exits in my model along with a controlled exit. How do you tell SRH2D to only let flow go over the crest when the water surface elevation exceeds the crest? Which exit condition? Exit-H, Exit-Q, or Exit-EX?
  4. I started a model yesterday with the monitor line defined in the SIF file. Today I stopped the model and was able to look at the LN1 file which has the flow output for every hour. I am new to this software so maybe I wasn't explaining my problem well. It seems to be working, maybe just going about it the wrong way? Myself and one other co-worker use SMS, so we really don't have much experience in the ranks here. So just kind of stumbling along and figuring things out as I go.
  5. I am working in the mesh module. I right click on the nodestring, but the option to "assign BC" is grey'd out. There is no other option or tab that allows you to assign it as a monitor line. I just started running a new model and assigned the 5th nodestring in the mesh as a monitor line in the SIF file. There is a LN1 file in the project folder now, but it won't let me open it to see if it working.
  6. do you have to define it in the SIF file?
  7. it won't let me assign it as a monitoring line because it says I first have to define the boundary condition for the entity
  8. how do you assign it as a monitoring line?
  9. Has anyone ever used this feature? How do you initialize it in SRH2D? Is it just another node string in SMS? Any help is great, thanks.
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