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  1. Since I haven't heard a reply here, I contacted support on 7/1 with my customer ID and a copy of my data and have not heard a reply there either. Is there a reason I cannot receive some support for my issue? Thanks
  2. Is there any idea as to why this error might be occurring? I've got one more idea to try and get around it but I was wondering if there was an answer on your end. Thanks
  3. Here you go: Executing: CreateXS2DBoreLines SectionLine 4 XS2D_Catalog "OCWD_Wells selection" test1 XS2D_Boreline_4 OVERWRITE HydroID WellID Start Time: Thu Jun 13 07:05:46 2013 Found XS2D Boreline feature class named 'XS2D_Boreline_4'. Found SectionLine feature class named 'SectionLine'. Found XS2D_Catalog table named 'XS2D_Catalog'. Found Well layer or feature class named 'OCWD_Wells selection'. Found BoreholeLog table named 'test1'. Checking for valid SectionLine feature... Found 'SectionLine' feature named 'C-C'' with HydroID = 4 and length 43347.5035276418 in units of Foot_US. Checking fo
  4. I have gone through the tutorials and am now attempting to modify my own data to work with the tools. I am running into an issue with creating the XS2D borelines, as the tool fails. I attached a screenshot of the tool failure. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  5. Having Issue with Create XS2D Polygon Feature Class tool...

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