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  1. hi, I would like to simulate rainfall in RMA4. I read on the user's guide that I have to provide to RMA4 the same rates given to RMA2 for the simulation of rain. But I haven't found any practical example. So if a run a simulation in RMA2 for 2 hours with these values for rainfall: time 0 --> 0 cm/h, time 1 --> 2 cm/h, time 2 --> 5 cm/h, in order to simulate rainfall in RMA4, is it right to add the RA card to the file .trn in the following way? file .trn: T1 T2 T3 RA 1 0 RA 1 2 RA 1 5 ....... And if this is not the right way, can you give me any suggestion? Anna
  2. Hi, I'm now using RMA2, I am working on a lake with one incoming flow and two outgoing flows. I would like to manage so that one of the ougoing flows opens only some hours every day in the simulation. How can I do this? Thank you for your help. Anna
  3. Hi, I'm using RMA4 and I would like to activate a boundary mixing chamber in a tidal boundary. Practically how can I find the variable IBCFT and setting it to 1? Is it sufficient? Thank you in anticipation. Anna
  4. Dear all, I'm using RMA2 (SMS 10.1). In RMA2 Model Control, Weather, Method for Wind: Original RMA2 Formula -Specify global wind, the program accepts wind direction values bigger than 360. What does it mean? Isn't wind direction expressed in degrees? And if my project has horizontal and vertical projections expressed in meters, can I accordingly insert wind velocity values in meters/sec? Thank you very much for your help.
  5. Dear all, I am using RMA2 under SMS10.1, I am now modelling a brackish lake which is connected to the sea through a channel. Water inflows and outflows according to the tidal regime. I supposed to set both the Boundary Conditions (BC): surface elevation and flowrate in the same nodestring, in the final segment of the channel, which is more close to the sea. But I’ve seen in the RMA2 user’s guide that it’s not a very good idea to code the two BC in the same segment. Can you suggest me an alternative solution?
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